Be the Change YOU want!

19 Jun

It’s amazing how people can change. I am referring to myself! :)

Especially in these couple of years, I amazed myself many times.. And until this date I’m still being amazed!

Never thought I would..

1. Eat veggies.. And love them!
2. Go jogging.. And love it!
3. Complete a 10km run.. Wow!
4. Go exercise on my own.. And love it!
5. Go to the gym.. And love it!

Let’s hope that I will amaze myself once again by achieving a super hot body next time.. Haha!

Another time that amazed me is my bonus.. LOL! This is the first time I received so much! Seriously, I am very, very grateful! Thank you for my bosses who helped me during my darkest period and STILL helping me now! To me, it’s more than a job. I also receive love, care.. I get a sense of belonging and purpose in life! I had the chance to know so many awesome people too!

Thank you all for being in my life!!

Thank you for reviving Happy Pris! The Pris who always bring sunshine and smiles to everyone around her! (Or so I was told.. Haha!)

Sometimes I wonder how much my peers had been progressing. Am I lagging too far behind? (Prolly YES.)

I guess that’s life. We could be way ahead than others.. And then we stumbled when we least expected it and the next thing we know, we are lagging behind. And we thought THAT was bad.

Nah. If we don’t pull ourselves together, we will lag behind even more.

And even if we never catch up.. At least we are still moving ahead as long as we keep going!

It took me quite a few years. Perhaps I was unlucky.. Or my attitude was wrong.. Maybe I wasn’t strong enough.. But finally I’ve left the “hole” that I previously fell in. My “wounds” have healed and I’m stronger than before!

I sure hope my experience motivates you as much as it encourages me!

Actually I do think it’s a good thing that I didn’t have so much bonus in the past. I would surely squander it away on useless things (or people)!

Feels so good to be debt-less again! Well, not quite yet but soon. *Makes a mental note to check how much more do I need to pay my studies loan.*

If everything goes well, I can finally resume my studies again soon! Wish me luck!! *Prays hard*

My life WILL become even better! Yeah!!


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