My Last Day at California Fitness

11 Jul

How fast time flies! There goes my 1-month membership at California Fitness. (Note: Not a free trial.)

What I love about California Fitness:

1. Darren’s Body Combat classes
2. Felicia’s Zumba classes

Attended this Jazz class for fun and the instructor (and co-instructor, I think?) was pretty nice!


What I dislike about California Fitness:

1. Aggressive (and ultlra annoying) hard-selling!
2. Bad attitude

Point 1 & 2 usually happen together. Like they’ll try you membership or pester you to give them contact numbers of people you know. And when you don’t, most of them will show you their black faces instantly.

Seriously, which member would enjoy being hounded each time they go to the gym??! Always thought being a member means we are special.. But being approached by the staff was almost always an unpleasant experience! Only once, a female staff took the initiative to teach me how to use the machine. I sure hope a nice lady like her won’t stay on in such an awful place! All the best to her!

Even until my last day there, I still had to be pestered LIKE ALWAYS. Oh well. Last day already.. Endure!

Well, the towels are kinda dirty too but I’m not that picky so it’s not that much of an issue for me.

Oh, and the sound system is faulty. The sound always goes on and off randomly so sometimes we have to exercise without the music. But usually the instructors and the participants are very enthusiastic so I’m not bothered by the faulty sound system. Heh!


Was feeling bored so I ended up going to the gym to pass my time. Anyway, it’s the last day of my gym membership already. May as well go there while I can!

Didn’t attend the classes because I wasn’t in the mood.

Decided to do something that doesn’t require me to use my brains much.. Heh!

I seriously didn’t realize that 1 hour had passed..

While using the exercise bike, I saw this (ehh, meaty and non local) “fitness trainer” training this lady in front of me. Makes me wonder if she’s even a certified trainer. She was just giving instructions on what exercises to do.. (She looked so bored.. I doubt she was encouraging the lady.) Didn’t even correct her poses or observe her.

Please don’t think all fitness trainers are like that. Most of the REAL, CERTIFIED ones are really pro!

Sigh. Fitness and health are getting so commercialized nowadays. Many SALES people are pretending to be experts and giving fake advice to dupe others into buying products / services. I sure hope that doesn’t discourage people from leading healthy lives!


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