Review: Beaute Forest Q10 And Silk Protein Fine Fairness Mask

30 Jul

First of all, I’m so sorry to Sample Store for this super delayed review!!

A lot of things happened at home lately.. Dad’s operation didn’t go too well and unexpectedly he had to stay in ICU for almost 2 months! By the way, he just got transferred outta there and should be able to go home soon.. Like, in 1 months’ time or so?

And then my sis and family went overseas for a week so I had to help take care of baby Louie.. Which is definitely no easy feat! They just got back and the kids seemed to miss me a lot *AHEMS* so they had been asking me to play with them.. How could I say no to my little darlings?

And so.. Finally finally.. I have a little bit of time for myself at last. Phew!

I must say the masks came at a very good timing.. I NEED THEM SO MUCH!

Beaute Forest Q10 and Silk Protein Fine Fairness Mask



Honestly I wasn’t expecting THIS many.. Sample Store, you are so generous! Thank you!! ♥

But at the same time, I’m so spoiled for choices!

Photo below: That’s me with dull complexion before trying the masks! Haha! Okay lah.. A bit exaggerated (with the help of photo editing app) but seriously, my complexion is really dull!


So did you guess correctly? ;)

Application – 好好好!!

Before I start raving about the effects, I really wanna share my (happy and fuss-free) application process.. Haha! After all, what’s the point of having so many benefits if it’s so inconvenient and messy to use.. Right? ;)

It’s been a long while since I last used a mask. The ones I tried were kinda messy. After I put a piece of mask on my face, the liquid would flow down.. Urgh! And somehow my face would start feeling itchy after a while even though I’m not allergic to anything! And I had to lie still.. Couldn’t even sit still as the mask would slide off. In fact, once I dozed off after putting on the mask and when I woke up, it was not on my face anymore! Haha! But well, that kinda explains why I haven’t been using a mask. I had at least 10+ masks which I never use at all after a couple of not-so-nice experience.. Seriously, I don’t have that much spare time (or patience, heh!) to just lie down with my mask on my face and do nothing lor!

Okay, back to Beaute Forest!!

However, I was pleasantly surprised that this mask actually stayed on obediently! WOW! I even sat up and walked around.. Woots~ Okay leh!! Mask was still on my face and no sticky liquid flowing down my neck! Doesn’t feel itchy too! I’m super happy about it as it meant that I could watch my videos, do some rainbow looms or whatever WHILE applying my mask.. Yeah!!


Experience the magic of Beaute Forest with TWICE the nourishment in just one mask!

Because each mask contains…… *Drums rolling*


  • Reduce the aging process of our skin
  • Promotes skin elasticity and flexibility

Fans of 女人我最大 should be very familiar with that! It’s practically a must-have feature in ALL beauty products!

Of course, if you are kiasu hardworking (like yours truly), you can also get Q10 from eating these:

Oily fish, soy, olive, coconut, sunflower, peanuts, walnuts, almonds, apples, oranges, grapefruits, parsley, broccoli, etc. (But.. Applying the mask sounds easier and more straightforward right? Hahaha!)

Silk Protein!

  • Provides deep moisturizing effect for smoother and softer skin
  • Accelerates the regeneration of skin cells
  • Lightens skin tone

Which ultimately means.. YOU can achieve beautiful, smooth skin too! (But you must be hardworking and use the masks 1 or 2 times per week lah! Not forgetting to drink enough water, don’t stay up too late, exercise regularly too!)

How I felt after the application

Face looked visibly hydrated instantly after usage! After the goodness had totally absorbed into my skin, it felt soft and smooth~♥

Will definitely use up the rest of the samples!!

Used to dislike using this kind of mask but Beaute Forest changed my mind totally! :D

Where to buy

Available at all Watsons stores for only S$10.90 per box (6 sheets per box)!

‘LIKE’ Watsons Sg Facebook page for more information!


Redeem YOUR free Beaute Forest Q10 & Silk Protein Fine Fairness mask sample on Sample Store NOW! Here here.. GIMME MY FREE MASK PLS! Mai tu liao! Limited time only! ;D

P/S: So sorry for the long post! But what’s the point of writing a short review that are probably similar to many others.. Right? You can always read theirs if you don’t like to read wordy post. (I will still love you all.. Haha!) Hope you guys enjoy reading.. ;P


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