Busy day! :)

21 Aug

Or so it felt like to me! Haha!

Took leave today but I was even busier than my usual days at work! Haha! But it’s for a good reason!

Used to feel that leaves should be used for resting / having fun. I was never willing to “waste” my leave on running errands. But my mindset has totally changed. Thankfully I (finally) enjoy managing my life properly now! :)

Took an hour to get prepared! Makeup was quickly done. Took some time to style my hair.. Spent most of the time admiring my (enhanced, lol) face and changing outfits until I was finally satisfied! #OnlyVainiesWillUnderstand


Saw many Singapore flags while walking to the bank!

Couldn’t resist taking a selfie with one of the flags! ;)
I’m very patriotic okay! #ILoveSG ♥

Couldn’t help feeling a huge sense of accomplishment when I found the place! Woohoo! #thankyouGod (In case you don’t know, I’m a horrible direction idiot!)

Hello Cheque! Let’s cherish the time together while we can!
(Eh, somehow I have the habit of talking to non living things.. Please bear with me, lol!)

Didn’t know how to get to the nearest MRT. Luckily there was a bus stop nearby and guess what!! There was a direct bus to Dhoby Ghaut MRT!! Yayy! So lucky!

Always feel like the female lead of a MV when I’m sitting in the bus.. LOL! Especially when I’m listening to music!

Demure mah? ♥
Love the dreamy feel of this filter!


Time really flies! Been about 2 years since I last went to Wilkie Edge! Kaplan seems to be doing well.. Better! Good for them! :) *Feeling so nostalgic!*

Parted ways with my new “friend” Ah Cheque.. *Laughs* And also, the balance in cash / Nets (sob sob!!). Good byeee~~


FINALLY I COULD EAT!! Late lunch at Hot Tomato (Plaza Singapura)!

What a beautiful sight! ♥

20% off for main course! (But only from Monday to Friday at certain timings.) Very delicious! :)

Normally comes with pasta but I swapped it for MASH POTATOES!
Super love the mashed potatoes!! Very yummy!! ♥


By the time I finally reached home, it was almost evening already! There goes my annual leave! But well, it was put to good use. :)

Kinda excited at the thought of attending classes again!
But at the same time, it also means I can’t go overseas as often as I used to.. At least  for the next 1 year or so!

And not forgetting saying goodbye to my money..

#throwback This is how $1,500 looks like.. Lol!
..Ahh and it’s gone! Along with the cheque and more money via Nets.. I will miss you all! *Sob sob*

Haha! Oh well, I hope I won’t waste this sum of money! Hope to pass all my assignments and papers smoothly.. #GimmeMyDegreePls

*Excited!* Hope to have nice, friendly classmates and teachers!! :)


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