Review: Hacudei Palau White Clay Facial Soap

25 Aug

Received this from The Sample Store! (Thank you!)

Hacudei Palau White Clay Facial Soap
Saw what was written? “Made in Japan”! I’m not sure for you guys but personally I always feel that everything made in Japan are of good quality! :)

For those who are worried about the radiation in Japan.. Well, this product is made from the Milky Way in the Rock Islands of Palau.

Are you wondering what is the Milky Way..? Well, I did! (Thought it was just some exaggerated made up name for advertising.. Opps!)

The only one I knew about was this!

Photo Source

Googled for The Milky Way on planet Earth out of curiosity and got my answer!

“The Milky Way, located in the rock islands of this Micronesian country, is known for its therapeutic properties. Locals claim that bathing in the white limestone mud found on the waters floor will make you look ten years younger.”

“..He skillfully dove to the bottom of the ocean floor and scooped up the muddy clay, putting it into a plastic bucket.”

“..We all playfully coated ourselves with this muck that was the consistency of smooth, wet cement. I made sure to not miss an inch of exposed skin, making certain that each spot would have potential of being a decade younger.”

(Click here to read more! Oh man, sounds like an awesome place! Feel like visiting there!)

#DoYouKnow It’s milky color is formed by the fine coral powder deposited under the sea for thousands of years!



Couldn’t wait to try out this product that contains such amazing ingredient!

I’m no skin care expert so I’m just typing out its benefits which I managed to find out after my research (LOL)!

Free from artificial coloring and fragrance
♥ Rich in natural inerals, papaya fruit extract, hibiscus essence and other botanic ingredients to soften, smoothen and beautify the skin.
Clogged pores can be absorbed by the spongy bubbles of the white clay.
♥ The 5 kinds of botanical extracts naturally moisturize the skin.

Those key words highlighted in bold.. Selective reading! Heehee!

After knowing all these info, I started seeing this product in a different light! Suddenly feeling super lucky to have a chance to review this amazing product (AND GET TO KEEP IT)! #LuckyMe #ThankYouSampleStore


Before I share my experience.. I just wanna confess that I was feeling tired so eh.. I was too lazy to remove my concealer before I tried out the soap. I only had concealer to cover my dark circles.. No bb cream or foundation though!

Ok, end of confession! Back to the main topic.. ;P

Trying out the product!

Explored the product excitedly! Woohoo!

Found a small ‘spoon’ inside..
Waait, don’t eat it.. I’m just kidding! It’s not edible lah! It’s used for washing your face! Keke! ;P

By the way, I simply love the fact that spatula is provided and it is small enough to be kept inside! So much more hygienic and convenient!

Oh wait, I spotted a weird object..
LOled whenever I look at this photo.. Was I THAT obvious? Was thinking, “Huh..? Give me a net for what eh?” I gotta admit, I was tempted to skip the net and just use the clay soap normally! Glad I didn’t!

User guide to the rescue!
Agar agar know how to use it liao.. Alritey! Time to try it out!

Check out my 1st “advertisement” here.. LOL!

One word that summarize my feelings while filming this short clip: SURPRISED.

1. How could clay-ish soap become foam.. So light and fluffy!?

2. How could a 20-cent sized amount of clay soap create so much foam?? (In fact the actual amount of foam was a lot more than what was shown in the video!)

Wow wow wow!

Off to wash my face which was full of foam!

Ttyl because I need to concentrate.. Lol!
After washing and wiping my face dry..
Aiyo, see lah.. 原形毕露 already! Haha!
Nonetheless, I’m so happy whenever my face feels clean and soft!
Disclaimer: Face seems worse after washing because it totally washed off my concealers so my dark circles became visible! LOL! 是我的脸的问题,不是它的错..! xD

(Afterwards I tried to wipe off my concealer with my makeup remover wipe.. But there was nothing! Wow!)

Not sure if you can notice it from the photos, my face actually looked less tired, more moisturized and more radiant after usage! Wow! And my skin felt soft and supple! Love it! ♥

Wow! I still can’t believe I get to keep the whole thing!! YES!! *Hugs MY white clay facial soap tightly* LOL! Will keep using.. Hope to see even more visible differences in future!

Okok, no need to be envious of me.. Grab yours today!

How to get it

Available at Watsons, ALT & Mount Alvernia Pharmacy for SGD 29.90 each.

So now you know my secret too! Mai tu liao! Go get it, use it and be more beautiful! :)


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