What is most important in a marriage?

30 Sep

Engagement Ring.
Wedding Bands.
New House.
Bridal Shoot.

And the list goes on.

After attending so many wedding dinners, I’m seriously wondering why must everyone do the same things..? (Some may say it’s to show respect for the relatives.. Well, okay. Reasonable. But I’m not even that close to my relatives anyway so.. Ya. Haha!)

Actually.. If 2 people are truly in love and committed to each other, why is there a need to specially announce to the whole world? Are they loving each other simply because it just happens naturally? Or simply for others to see? Are they really so loving in private? Or can they still so loving after their grand wedding?

Hmm. Considering the number of married / soon-to-be married guy friends who asked if I wanna sleep with them.. -.-

And of course, not forgetting my ex bfs who slept around. (That’s why they are EX bfs, by the way. Haha!)

But oh well, to each their own. Not my wedding so I’m in no position to judge their decisions lah!


Currently enjoying my singlehood. But if I were to marry someday, it will surely be different! And value for money, LOL! Not because I’m cheapskate.. But why throw in so much money just to be an EXHAUSTED princess for a day? If I am not that rich, I don’t act like I am. Period. :)

There is so much in life to offer. Why hanker over things that are beyond my reach?

Besides, marriage is about love, honor and commitment. I wouldn’t want my hubby to be financially burdened by unnecessary luxury stuff that we don’t really need. For just 1 day. People may say that it’s one of the most important day in our lives.. Actually every single day is important.. Isn’t it? So why only focus on 1 small part of your whole life? :)

I guess for me, if I were in a relationship with a guy.. Perhaps before he even proposes, I would be thinking for his welfare already.

Rather than thinking:
How beautiful my wedding gown should be like
How big should the diamond be
How many tables of banquet should we hold
Which (atas) country should we head to for honeymoon
How should I get my sisters to “saboh” my hubby during the morning ceremony..

I’m more concerned about:
How can we use our financial resources on essential stuff like payment for our new house and renovation
What are the (wayang) activities that we can skip for wedding
How to make my hubby feel like he’s the luckiest man in the world
How to live with my hubby happily ever after
When should we have kids
How many kids should we have
Etc.. :)

I’m not the best, not the prettiest, not the richest or smartest.. Don’t have the best figure.. Can’t cook much, not good with household chores.. But I do believe if I eventually get married, I will be a good wife. At least, I know I would try my best to be one. *Ahems!*


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