Simple Joys in Life.. :)

6 Nov

Saw Ken’s reminder email for this Saturday’s (FREE trial) class!

– 35 minutes of Fierce4 taught by JJ Foo followed by 5 minutes break.
– 35 minutes of Groove FX taught by Ken Tan followed by 5 minutes break.
– 35 to 40 minutes of Kata Kickbox Cardio taught by Zavier Tan.

I’m so excited! I’m not sure for Zavier (sorry!) but JJ and Ken have received good feedbacks from my clients before! Can hardly wait!

Just 1 thing to worry though.. I hope I would still have the strength to go for my KpopX class on Sunday, which is YES.. THE FOLLOWING DAY! Hahaha! Wish me luck! >.<


ZW whatsapped me to rave about the coffee sachets that I bought for him in Japan.

He’s so appreciative! (Actually it’s nothing compared to what he has done for me: Resolving my long accumulated insurance issues while earning absolute $0 from me!) Glad he likes it! :)

This is random, but I really like this photo.. Nicely taken!
#SpreadTheLove #ALittleThoughtMeansSoMuch

So lucky to have such a nice insurance agent. He mentioned that his wife is expecting! Great news! Hmm.. Wonder what gift should I prepare for his baby? :)


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