Burning Midnight Oil.

10 Dec

Took the day off to study but I gotta admit, I didn’t study much!! (Better than nothing though. And I had a good rest.. To prepare for the journey ahead!! *Rawrs!*)

Been a long while since I last studied at Mac!


Sugar overload.. I know!! >.

However, my attention span on my notes ended when I finished my ice cream. Heehee! Seriously if not for the food, I wouldn’t want to study at Mac. So noisy and my room is way more comfy. I can read aloud too.


Hanged around AMK Hub and waited for him to have dinner together~

As usual, he brought me to eat good stuff!



So bad of me to grumble and then made him eat and drink all the stuff I don’t like! Heehee! #BadGirlPris

So lucky to have him around to pamper and take care of me! :)


Later back at home..

Cookie decided to nap on my bed!! ♡


I soon dozed off too! Miss the good old days when she would snuggle into my arms. She stopped doing that since I moved into my own room. Maybe my new bed is too high for her liking?

Anyway I finally finished the 200+ mcqs that my awesome tutor had shared with us! Surprisingly, I scored better than expected! Phew! Thank God! Hope I can pass the actual mcqs section too!!

Planned to study the whole night but my head’s feeling heavy, eyes are closing and my mind’s drifting around already! Shall rest and hope to wake up early for the final “Buddha Leg Hugging” studying!

想不认老都不行啊! >.<

Goodnite everyone!


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