28 Dec

Had lunch with Rae after our KpopX class and did some catching up as well.

WARNING: Long, wordy post. (Well, what do you expect from a girl’s talk? LOL!)

Good News!

Rae & Del are getting married!

They have been together for so long (6 years!) until sometimes I thought they are ALREADY married.. Haha! One of my all-time favourite couples. Both are sweet and nice and I hardly see / hear them quarrel. Drama-free relationship!

Was chatting with her about wedding stuff excitedly. Pleasantly surprised that she shared the same sentiments as me! Since she’s still in her 20s, I expected her to have some fantasies..

Like how I used to have when I was around her age! *Faraway look* Haha! Then again, my lack of fantasies for my wedding is mainly because I don’t have a rich bf like I used to. Haha but I’m not kidding! Luxury stuff is only meant for the rich.. But still, that doesn’t mean we commoners can’t be happy. I WILL BE HAPPY. In fact, I AM because I make a lot of efforts to be happy. ;)

Of course, everyone wants to have the best wedding.. But if money is limited, I rather spend it on useful areas.. I.e. things that will continue to benefit us after the wedding is over. Haha!

Coincidentally, Rae voiced out the same thoughts, before I even talked about them! Wow, so I’m not an ‘alien’ after all! Was beginning to think I’m the only weirdo after hearing many gfs talking about what they EXPECTED from their wedding: Proposal, engagement ring, bridal shoot, banquet.. And for some, house & renovations.

Of course, I WANT THOSE too! BUT, not at the expense of my (or rather, our) misery. Imagine getting so stressed because I need to pay for all those stuff.. Is it worth it? Not everyone can afford such nice things. If it’s not within our means, we should be contented with what we can enjoy. #KeyToHappiness

Rae had the same thoughts too! WOW! (Oh, she also thinks that most proposals and gatecrashing are silly and pointless!) And she’s even better than me; she don’t even expect a diamond ring from Del! Wow! (Sorry ah, ever since my old beloved diamond ring was lost, I’ve been wanting to get a replacement! I love blingbling too much!!)

After chatting with her, I believe that they are ready for marriage and will be happy together (well, they are ALREADY happy together.. Minus the marriage cert only! Haha!) It’s hard say who is luckier.. As both Rae and Del are so nice! Well, I’m happy to say.. They truly deserve each other!

And the next important question is.. Omgomgomg, what should I wear to their wedding?! Haha! So excited for her!!! It’s in MAR! So soon! Hope I can find something nice in Taiwan to give them as their wedding gift!!

(Almost) Forgotten Ex

In the midst of our conversation, Rae mentioned my ex. (Since I don’t have much nice things to say about him, I’ll just refer to him as E instead of stating his name.. Although my closer friends should know who he is lah.. Haha!)

Honestly, I haven’t been thinking about him much. When his name came up unexpectedly, I was quite amused that my first reaction was pretty neutral. Mentioned why we broke up and I just casually said something like, “Haha yalor.. He slept with too many girls.. Some more he kept portraying himself as the victim.. Told others that we broke up but I still held on to him.. Said I’m crazy, overly possessive but he couldn’t leave me because he loves me.. Wah lau eh! Haha!” I felt no heart ache, no sadness, not even anger. In fact I was saying it rather cheerfully (because it was so nice chatting with Rae again, after so long!) and as if I was telling someone else’s story. An interesting one. Haha!

To think that back then I was so depressed and devastated.. Cried practically every day and even in my sleep! Even thought of killing myself to end my misery.. But of course, I didn’t. Which is why I can write this post now.. Haha! And today, I can laugh it off and think of it as an interesting story to share! Wow! #TimeHeals

Then, I remembered Pineapple and felt lucky. Well.. Although he annoys me at times, at least he is not the sort who would cheat on me. And I mean the whole world to him.. (I think!) Total opposite of E.

I guess if we are patient enough, our happiness will come. (Although before Pineapple came, I was pretty happy on my own too.. With some occasional guys passing by to shower me with some care and concern.. Keke!)



Although being with E is probably my worst (and longest) nightmare ever, I am still grateful for the experience. It made me wiser and I realised what, or rather who I SHOULD look for. Also, to stop blindly trusting everyone and anyone. And to cherish those who REALLY, TRULY care for me. You guys know who you are! Thank you for being there for me, in one way or another.

And oh, one more: I was once in the bottom-est end. I thought it was the end for me. I had a great fall and thought I could never climb up to where I was again. But I tried, thanks to all the encouragement, my God who listens when I confided in Him.. I took little steps. I kept falling. I tried again. Sometimes I didn’t know what I was doing but I kept going. And perhaps it was the magic of the #LawOfAttraction. Little miracles started happening. And without my knowledge, my heart healed and my life got better.

I hope I will not be engulfed in the darkness of misery ever again. But if I unfortunately am, I will believe that if I keep walking.. I will eventually see the light at the end of the tunnel. :)


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