Last day of 2014

31 Dec

How fast time flies! 2014 is almost over already!! Gosh!! Time seems to pass faster and faster as we grow older and older.. Isn’t it?

Some of my reflections for 2014..

Regaining Back My Former 49kg (Weight)

Was looking through my old thumbdrive and found this photo!

Me back in 2012!
Merely 3 years had passed since then and I’ve already lost my figure! Or should I say, gain more fats??!

Weight shot up from 49kg to 56kg with a few months after I hit the big 3.. Even though I didn’t change my diet and activity level!

Fortunately, I was working in FHI by then so this was discovered early.. Before my weight issue became a weigh PROBLEM.

Weight went down to 54kg.. Then fluctuating between 50kg to 52kg.

Last month I weighed myself and my results was SO GOOD.
Weight: 51.1kg
Body Fats: 29.6%

Couldn’t believe my eyes! WOW!
But alas.. Just went to weigh and my body weight and body fats % went up AGAIN! Darn.. I gotta admit, I’ve been eating more and exercising lesser these days! No need to wait until 1 Jan 2015, I ought to start exercising more from TODAY onwards! (I guess doing Kpopx Fitness once a month only is not enough!!)

Nooo..! Gotta buck up in 2015! Hope to regain my former weight of 49kg by the end of 2015!!

But okay lah.. Must encourage myself! Haha! So.. Nice try in 2014! Continue to work hard in 2015! I can do it!! ;)

Cholesterol Levels Improved Significantly!

A picture says a thousand words so here goes!
All I did was to add a bit of vegetables in my diet. I didn’t even eat a lot of vegetables. Only added them in when I cook my lunch during weekdays! Plus I increased my activity levels (a bit only too).

An accomplishment made possible by all the positive influences in FHI (Yong, Jenny, Phern to be specific)! THANK YOU!!

Looking Better!

Went through my old photos and noticed that I used to look a lot more uglier in the past! So glad that I’m *ahems* prettier now!

Then again.. Maybe I’m just simply better in taking selfies now.. Haha!

Special thanks to my awesome camera!
(My best purchase in 2014.. Lol! ♡)

Some older photos of me to show the comparison.. >.< Eh.. 谁没有过去啊! (Who doesn’t have a past!) Haha!

Seriously it’s so embarrassing..!! To think I used to think these photos were good! Omg, how blinded can one get!!

Of course, I’m not gonna post my older (AND uglier) photos here to illustrate my point. Heh! (Seriously I looked so different now.. Won’t be surprised if people start wondering if I had any plastic surgery before lor!)

I guess when one is healthier physically and mentally, one will automatically look better! Don’t look as tired as I used to be. Plus I think I smile a lot more nowadays.. Especially after removing my braces! :)

Miscellaneous Issues

This year had been quite fulfilling for me. Quite a lot of problems surfaced too.. Actually some of the problems had been there for YEARS but went unnoticed by me previously. By now, most of them had been resolved. I’m so thankful! Lesson learnt! Shall not be too ‘bochup’ (cannot be bothered) in future!

My Lovely New Room

In this year, I got my new room.. Finally!

The Big Day which I got my own room! image
Cookie seems to love my new room too!
How I love seeing this lovely sight!
With my very own room..

Can finally use these!
(Can you believe it? I actually bought the burner at least 10 years ago but I never had the chance to use it!)

Can put my plushies nicely!
Can sing.. Lol!
Can read!
Can do my homework and study..
Can let my loved ones play in my room!
Just lying in my own bed (a real one, not mattress!) brings me great joy and bliss. I’m very thankful already! ♡

Still in the midst of clearing out my (extra / spoilt / not in use) stuff to create the dream look for my room! Already thrown out many stuff..

For example, TV & the cabinet!
..but my room is still overflowing with stuff! Gonna throw out more things! :)

Hopefully with my own room, I can think about how to improve my life and myself.. And go ahead to MAKE IT HAPPEN! ♡


Another significant thing that happened in 2014.. I learnt to cycle!! It has been my dream since I was just a small kid! Not an expert in it yet but at least I can cycle a tiny weeny bit! Yeah!

(Taken on The Day I cycled all the way from the other end! ☆)

In 2015, I hope to cycle more often in Bishan Park! And hope to improve, of course!


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