Thank you! :)

3 Jan

Just now I tried to pump my (deflated) bicycle tyres at the petrol station for the 1st time. Felt so excited and victorious (LOL!) when I succeeded in pumping up my front tyre!

Unfortunately, I didnt have the same luck with the back tyre. Being such a noob (with a cheap bicycle), the nozzle got pushed into the tyre and stayed stuck!! Ahh..!!

It turned out to be a blessing in disguise because I was reminded to have faith in humanity! (Especially when the society seems to be so cold and unfeeling these days.. =\)

Thank God! 1 cyclist, 1 taxi uncle and 1 staff at ESSO came to my aid! So thankful to be living in Singapore where there are so many kind souls out there!

Although I thanked them profusely and they didn’t expect anything in return, I still hope I can do more to express my gratitude!

So here’s a simple prayer just for them: May all of you be safe and healthy! And may you receive help should you ever need any in future.. Just like how u all stopped to help me tonight!!


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