Miracle Happens..

4 Jan

..If we try hard enough!

I always believed that I am very lazy, overly easygoing, unambitious and I have absolutely no determination when it comes to getting what I want.

Thanks to FHI, I realized that I CAN DO ANYTHING (well, almost anything) if I decided to.

For example, I’ve been wanting to cycle for at least 25 years? But all these while, I did NOTHING except to think and tell people that I WISH I can cycle.

We are going for our company trip at Taiwan and my boss arranged for a cycling trip. SOUNDS GOOD! But.. I couldn’t cycle at all! Kind Alex offered to ferry me but it is just not the same as I cycle on my own.. Isn’t it?


Reading back my old entries, I can’t help feeling amazed that just a few months ago, I couldn’t cycle at all and somehow after practising on my own, I can cycle well! (Even though I don’t cycle that well yet.) WOW!

From Zero to Something.. Heehee!
Cycling.. – 30 Aug 2014
That was the 1st day I started to learn cycling on my own. Was so excited and overjoyed when I could cycle for 3, 4 seconds! (Eh.. If you called that cycling..? Haha! I don’t care! I’m still happy nonetheless!)

And the next day I could actually cycle a lot better already!

Wow! In fact I thought I had to practise for at least 1 or 2 months to get to this level! (Because I thought I was so stupid and slow in learning!)

Moral of the story? HAVE FAITH. :)


And the other time I surprised myself with my determination was when my boss forced us to take part in the Great Eastern Women’s Run 2013.. 10km!!

I never even run 10km before! In fact, I hated jogging! ..Or so I thought!

Was worried that I couldn’t even complete the run so..
My Secret Training Ground – 14 Sep 2013

Decided to run in the park as the environment was more similar to the venue for the actual run. Sometimes I brought Cookie along since she needed more exercises to improve her condition.
Bishan Park!! – 19 Apr 2014
Surprisingly we both enjoyed ourselves thoroughly!

Just before the actual run, I had chicken pox!! My running sessions were halted abruptly.. Urgh!! Needless to say, when my ‘polka dots’ were finally gone, 1 of the first few things I did was to run!
Jogging again.. At last! – 26 Oct 2013

Finally on the Big Day..
My Very 1st 10km Run – 10 Nov 2013

I must say, it’s EXTRA satisfying to succeed after putting so much efforts previously! :)


Another example.. Eating vegetables!

To many, it’s nothing great. But to someone like me who NEVER like to eat ANY kind of vegetables.. (The only “vegetables” I ate was seaweed.. Haha!) And yet nowadays, my self-cooked lunch consists of mainly vegetables. In fact, I can’t stand it if I haven’t eaten any vegetables for too long. And I realised absolutely LOVE broccoli and carrots!! ♥

My boss was so encouraging! She spotted my lunch and commented positively, ending with a “I’m so proud of you!” Even my own mum don’t talk to me like this!

And as I just mentioned in my previous post (Last day of 2014), my cholesterol levels had gone down significantly! Woohoo! :D


This entry pretty up sums up my unexpected achievements and the people I owe my little successes to:

Be the Change YOU Want – 19 Jun 2014

But alas, in terms of money.. Lately I am kinda having financial problems again. Because of the additional monthly (and miscellaneous) expenses that my sisters and I need to fork out for our dad. I am super stressed (because the amount is quite a lot compared to what I earned). So disappointed that my plan to save up for my future house has to be shelved (until God knows when).. BUT I believe I will make it through somehow. HAVE FAITH, I will! Fighting! :)

Hope I can continue to create more miracles! ♥


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