Goodbye memories..

28 Jan

Well, I ended up keeping these stuff until now.

Some of the items, for eg the box, was given to me 10+ years ago.

Wow, I know. >.<


Somehow WordPress went crazy and the rest of the stuff I wrote went missing. Oh well. I’ve already ranted so there’s no need for me to retype and relive those bitter moments again.

The past is over. And I hope they enjoy their happy moments while they can (or are they even happy now?).. Because Karma will eventually ask them to repay their debts.

I just gotta move on, let go of the past and be happy. :)


Sometimes people are silly. Like me. They choose to keep items that remind them of the sad past. They hold on to the sad past.

For what?

Just let it go.

For a while, we will still remember the sad past even without reminders. But eventually.. We will forget, move on and be happy again.

Why let ourselves be reminded of something unpleasant? Why stay bitter and miss out on all the happy moments that we could be having?

Are there anything that’s stopping you from smiling again? Dump them for good! :)


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