Busy..? Heh!

2 Feb

Written on 1 Feb (yesterday!) but only posted today~

Here goes:

And as you guys can see, my blog (actually, blogS) are badly neglected.

I guess when one has a lot of stuff to do in REAL LIFE, he/she don’t have much time to post stuff online. #TrueStory

And I gotta admit, my data usage is dangerously close to exceeding.. Yes, AGAIN! So all the more I haven’t been uploading photos and blogging while on the move or when lying in my bed. (And now I’m typing this while lying in bed. Shall post this entry when I reach office tomorrow.. Haha!)

So what have I been busy with? Eh.. Lately I’m so hooked to watching this Empress Wu drama serial, starring Fan Bing Bing! She’s sooo pretty! Started watching it because there are so many pretty girls.. Haha! Not to mention their costumes, hairdos and accessories are so beautiful!

Fan Bing Bing.. How can anyone be so beautiful?? Her skin is so fair!! ♥


Many other beautiful ladies with gorgeous costumes and accessories!


Really fascinating to watch!

I also like the storyline! It’s really interesting to see how an innocent, trusting, forthright maiden turns into a mature, cautious, scheming Queen.. First female ruler of China, to be exact!

Can’t help lamenting how fate would push us to our destined paths even though we don’t have the intentions in the first place.. Dear Fate, please be kind to me..! >.<

So anyway, that explains why my data usage was used up so fast! YES! Because I kept watching the episodes online from my smartphone (using my data)! I tried to stop watching but it’s too addicting!

1 more day to endure before my data usage is reset!! ENDURE!!


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