Lunch with Rae on 除夕! ♥

18 Feb

I believe it’s gonna be a lucky year ahead for me because I received a beautiful wedding invitation from the nicest couple I know! No relationship is perfect but theirs is definitely very close to perfection!

Plus a makan treat from the lovely bride-to-be on 除夕! Confirm heng lah! Kekeke! ♥

Thanks so much to Rae for sharing her joy and giving an auspicious start to my #sgcny2015 !

Wefie together!
Finally I can start using my brand new hp cover! :)
(Loving my lovely nail art so much! ♥)

Was so tempted to wear my usual ‘auntie’ outfits but Rae said she’ll be wearing a dress and asked me to wear a dress too! Ahhh..!

But I’m glad she asked me to because it’s been such a long time since I felt so youthful, confident and perhaps, a little charming.. LOL! And thanks to her, I did my nails art.. AT LAST! Seriously, I haven’t been painting my nails for ages! To think that I used to do manicures and pedicures so often in the past!

In fact I received a lot of WOWs once I stepped into my office.. Haha! Some of my colleagues said I looked like a Kpop star.. Or said I really look very young!

Perhaps I SHOULD DRESS UP MORE OFTEN. Hmm.. I try lah! ;P


Received home and saw the parcel from Sample Store! Oh yeah! Double heng heng! ♥
Sneak preview.. Heehee!
Stay tuned for the review!

(I’m so excited! Not just 1 but 3 Jergen’s products for me to try!! Woohoo!! ♥)


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