11 Mar

I finally attended my KpopX class last Sunday! Thought I had missed 2 classes but upon seeing the attendance.. NO! I actually missed 3!! What?? How did THAT happen!?

Anyway, I felt SO HAPPY to be back in class at last! ♥
(Can you spot me in the photo? Haha!)

But alas, Alvin got injured (pulled a muscle or something, I think?) so he couldn’t teach the class today!

Edmund helped to cover his class instead~
First time in Edmund’s class. Very cute guy! (I’m referring to his ‘pattern’ and mushroom hairdo, haha! Opps! xD)

But don’t be deceived by his seemingly harmless appearance! He is quite energetic and..

(Photo stolen from his Facebook.. Wahaha!)
Mai siao siao hor, he’s no pushover ya! Haha!

PM-ed him last night to ask him for the group photo and we ended up chatting for a while. Turned out that he is really very nice and easygoing, despite his (intimidating) physique! And I really like the fact that he’s very positive and appreciative. :)

Do support him! He’ll give you a good workout if you attend his class! Hahaha!

By the way, Alvin is good too.. Love the way he moves, 太帅了!! ♥
But no post to ‘advertise’ for him because he never request to take a group photo with us.. LOL!

Anyway. hope he get well soon! :)


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