“..Please mind the Platform Gap.”

12 Mar

This announcement should be extremely familiar to most of us.. Or so I thought.

I don’t know for others but I myself have been hearing it for at least a million times over the past 20+ years until it has become a COMMON SENSE to me. (In fact it’s so deeply embedded in my mind that I can even replay the exact announcement in my mind!)

And yet.. “Leg of JC Student Stuck in Platform Gap”

I don’t want to comment further on the school girl involved except.. Well, at least she was honest and brave enough to admit that no one push her.

Lesson to be learnt:
Let’s all be responsible for our own safety (especially if you are not a small kid). And if you are with small kids, please mind the platform gap and ensure that their little feet doesn’t fall into the gap.

Whenever I’m with a kid, I always make it a point to hold her/ his hand and keep a close watch on her / him whenever we board the train.

The only person I know personally who stepped her foot into the gap was Stacci who was only 3 years old. I had followed my usual safety protocol (lol), which was why I was able to pull her to safety IMMEDIATELY once I saw her foot slipping into the gap. Still gave me a heart attack, nonetheless! After which, I told her, “Ah mei ah, you must see carefully or else you will fall in! Must remember okay! Don’t scare ah mai again next time okay!”

Accidents happen when we least expect it.. So for those that are AVOIDABLE, let’s try to avoid lah! I know SG is very safe but please lah, we need to be responsible for OUR OWN safety too!


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