Late Night Panic Attack (AGAIN)

17 Mar

Why must it always happen at this kind of timing!

My current mood: VERY Anxious!


Despite the drowsy med I took, my anxiety is making me so alert and unable to sleep!

And why do I have to be sick just 1 week before my assignment is due! Same thing happened for my previous project too! :O

Actually I had wrote down enough points (since MONTHS AGO) to easily write double of the words limit.. And yet until now I couldn’t form any sentence! I roughly know how the essay flows but yet I simply can’t start! Forced myself to write for the past 3 days and the results.. Still blocked.

My creative juices are conditioned to work only at the very last minute! Jeez.. Either they are stubbon or they have a evil sense of humour!

How did I manage to relax and wait until the last minute to do my assignments hroughout my academic life previously?? Wow.. What was I thinking? Too confident with my writing skills!?

Well, actually I am was. My essays used to top the level most of the times, be it English, Mandarin and Literature. Kinda took my gift for granted. Sigh.

2.5k words? Piece of cake. I could easily finish the first draft within half hour and spend the next hour to perfect it to my satisfaction.

But eh.. Now? I seem to suffer a writer’s block permanently. On top of that, being sick at this time is not helpful at all..

Shall keep chanting “complete assignment” now! Hopefully my brains will be hynoptized to let the creative juices flow or.. Lure me to sleep!

Wish me luck! *Gulps!*

Although I still have 4 days, I am still anxious!

Please let me write SOMETHING tomorrow.. Please, brains.. Don’t play this kind of prank on me liao..


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