Paying My Last Respect..

26 Mar

Ah Gong.. Critically Ill.

Been on an emotional roller coaster ride since Mr Lee Kuan Yew (affectionately referred to as Ah Gong Lee) was reported to be critically ill.

Always admire and respect Ah Gong but still, I was kinda surprised that I was so affected. I actually cried every night.

Ah Gong Left..

And although I was convinced that it would be better for him to go.. My heart still sank when I read about reports of his demise. Needless to say, tears flowed (more) from that night onwards.

Paying Last Respect

Normally I’m always doing things at the last minute.. Doing projects, studying for exams, submitting application. And honestly, I have a bad habit of being late. (Trying HARD to change it!)

And yet I specially took leave to see Ah Gong on Thursday. (Even though we had until Saturday, 8pm to see him.)

Because I didn’t want to take the SLIGHTEST risk of not being able to pay my respect to Ah Gong for the last time! Fortunately Elaine wanted to go too so we went together! Too bad Lynn was overseas, else she could have join us too.

Had this nail art since CNY..
Removed them to show my respect for Ah Gong. :)

Had a full awesome lunch with Elaine before we went to queue!
(It’s a good thing we ate so much because we queued until past dinner time!)

Kind people were giving out bottled water..
Canned orange juice..
..And also Fans, umbrellas, biscuits and more bottled waters.

I didn’t take more than what I needed. And I hope the others would do that too.

Along the way, I noticed that there were many temporary toilets available.
And of course, first aid post!
Honestly I was pleasantly surprised that so many people bothered to queue for hours to pay their last respects to Ah Gong! I always thought many people don’t like him since I’ve came across so many nasty remarks about him since long, long time ago.

(More) People..
(A lof of) People..
Can’t see? Oh wait, here’s a close up shot. :)
So many people!

Amazingly, everyone was patient and all of us queued properly!

But there are always exceptions..

Like this pair of father & son!
Shame shame! :(

Shall not waste my time talking about them.

Here are some interesting people who caught my attention in a good way!

Wah.. Sweated until his whole shirt was drenched!
After a few hours later, I suddenly some people talking behind me..
A: Hey, his shirt is dry liao!
B: Haha! Really leh!

I also went to kaypoh.. Haha, really wor!
Poor lady with heels..
Must had rushed straight here after work!
Didn’t want to wear slippers or heels. Ended up wearing my new sneakers.. But urgh, they started to cut my feet after a few hours!  Sob sob! But for Ah Gong, I will persist!!

Really warms my heart to see us Singaporeans united! Ah Gong, can you see how much we love you? :)

Passed by this huge screen while queuing..

Ah Gong is everywhere..
Not just on the screens (for now).. Ah Gong is everywhere in Singapore, in all of us. Whether we are aware or not. Whether we believe it or not. If not for Ah Gong, I won’t have such thoughts, such abilities (bilingual for example), such living / working environment.. And the list goes on. Especially when I read about terrible stories of other females in other countries like India, Vietnam.. And as a female, I feel so lucky to be born in Singapore.

Queued until it was getting darker..

Previously I had been wondering if my tears were caused by “skilfully crafted” news articles and video clips by “despicable” media who purposely want to provoke our tear glands. Passed by TVs with more video clips of Ah Gong  or live telecast of what was happening in the Parliament House.

Hmm. Still feeling okay. So maybe I won’t cry later?
Messages specially written for Ah Gong..

My message: Many years ago, a Taiwanese taxi driver said, “Our Taiwan is big and we have natural resources. What is special about Singapore? What do you all have?” I didn’t know what to say back then. But I know now.. Singapore has LKY!

Recently when I went to Taiwan again, the locals (especially taxi drivers) actually mentioned LKY to me first and said we are so lucky to have LKY. I wish all my fellow Singaporeans can feel that way too.. =\

Saw a reporter at work while queuing..
Just before entering the Parliament House..

Eh.. Seriously? -.-
Ah Gong, here we come!
So many umbrellas!
No photography beyond this point.
We had been walking quite fast.. But upon nearing his casket, all of us automatically started to slow down our pace A LOT.. Barely moving. And the next thing I knew, I was suddenly hit with an overwhelming wave of sadness in my heart and tears started to well up in my eyes!

After leaving the place, Elaine echoed the thoughts I had (amazingly): “Slowed down my steps just now. It’s like I wanted to stay with him as long as I can.” Me too..Strangely though, my heart feels lighter now. Wow!

Didn’t say my goodbye. My mind went blank while I was fighting back my tears. But oh well, we will still meet again.. in 50 years, maybe? Enough time for Ah Gong to build a 1st underWorld nation for me to be his citizen again!

RIP Ah Gong.


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