He’s really gone.

29 Mar

It has been a long, long week for Singaporeans. Be it people who love or hate him.

People who love him.. Trying to accept the fact that he’s truly gone. And there are also those who have been taking him for granted before his demise suddenly ‘woke’ them up. Or people who didn’t like some of his policies but still appreciate his efforts and other achievements made for Singapore.

People who hate him.. I guess it’s been tough on them as well, with the TV, radio, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram (basically, EVERYWHERE) constantly talking about Lee Kuan Yew. And whenever they share any nasty article or comment anything bad, they’ll be attacked by grieving LKY supporters.. Or simply logical people with good upbringing who doesn’t believe in badmouthing people who just passed away. :)

Others.. Well, I guess that will be the attention seeking whores. (Sorry for the crude term but yeah, I really despise such people.) Making use of this to generate some attention seeking wrath provoking materials to draw attentions. People like Amos. Hey, come on. We are all Singaporeans. Why must some Singaporeans sow discord among our own people just to satisfy their own sick desire for fame.. Sigh.

But nonetheless, let’s focus on the positive aspects. :)

It’s been a long while since I saw my fellow Singaporeans being so united! Only YEW can make this possible. Would I see such sight again? Not placing too hopes on it but I would love to see it again and again and again.. Of course, hopefully I won’t see that only when someone important dies.. =\

I always thought he is an extremely stern man. I even thought before, if he is this strict with us.. He should be stricter and extremely controlling towards his family. Surprisingly.. After his death, a lot of evidence showed me otherwise; i.e. testimonials from his family and people who worked with them before. And of course, some of the stuff which he said before in his past interviews. (Kudos to those who had the patience to pick out the significant ones and even edited them together with matching photos! Thank you!)

Contrary to my perception, he was a family man who values human relationships.

And another surprise: He was actually a very sweet and devoted lover!

Hence, it is very comforting to think that he is finally blissfully united with his beloved one once again.. (I sure hope that is the case!)

Thank you to the various artists who create such wonderful images that are so comforting.. And all of your works are absolutely beautiful! :)

Source: Joanna Tang
Source: Evacomics
Source: Lee Kow Fong
Have a good rest, Ah Gong! Hope you are not constantly worrying for Singapore anymore! We’ll take care of ourselves. Thank you for devoting your whole life to Singapore and all of us! :)


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