Cute Stacci.. My Little Sunshine!

4 Apr

Yesterday morning, I was awakened by a cute little voice who kept calling, “Ah mai!” And the next thing I knew, she was climbing onto my bed.. Instantly woke up, gave her a bear hug and wrapped her with my blanket. She kept giggling throughout. Ahh, my favourite sound.. Kid’s laughter! ♥

Played with her for a while.. :)

And of course, she couldn’t keep still and I only had time to grab my smartphone to snap her photos.. So ya, blur photos. Better than nothing!

This morning she came over to my house again! Hahaha! Can never get tired of her! Haven’t been spending much time with the kids these days as we are all busy with our own stuff. Miss them so much!

Love my cute little 小肥肥 so much! ♥♥♥

What an adorable little girl she is! Hope she stays cheerful always! (Okay lah, I love the others too.. Haha!)


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