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Exceeded my data usage last month! :O

8 Apr

Saw this in my bill:
NOoo..!! ($6.22 + gst gone just like that! *Sob sob!*)

Had switched off my data immediately after checking mySingtel app and saw that my usage was 11.98gb!!

But alas, the customer service guy told me that the app is not updated immediately. Data reflected is as of 1 hour ago! :(

Anyway, he told me that we can also dial *3282 to get the immediate update for amount of data used.

Well, now we know! Hope I won’t exceed my usage again!!


“..Please mind the Platform Gap.”

12 Mar

This announcement should be extremely familiar to most of us.. Or so I thought.

I don’t know for others but I myself have been hearing it for at least a million times over the past 20+ years until it has become a COMMON SENSE to me. (In fact it’s so deeply embedded in my mind that I can even replay the exact announcement in my mind!)

And yet.. “Leg of JC Student Stuck in Platform Gap”

I don’t want to comment further on the school girl involved except.. Well, at least she was honest and brave enough to admit that no one push her.

Lesson to be learnt:
Let’s all be responsible for our own safety (especially if you are not a small kid). And if you are with small kids, please mind the platform gap and ensure that their little feet doesn’t fall into the gap.

Whenever I’m with a kid, I always make it a point to hold her/ his hand and keep a close watch on her / him whenever we board the train.

The only person I know personally who stepped her foot into the gap was Stacci who was only 3 years old. I had followed my usual safety protocol (lol), which was why I was able to pull her to safety IMMEDIATELY once I saw her foot slipping into the gap. Still gave me a heart attack, nonetheless! After which, I told her, “Ah mei ah, you must see carefully or else you will fall in! Must remember okay! Don’t scare ah mai again next time okay!”

Accidents happen when we least expect it.. So for those that are AVOIDABLE, let’s try to avoid lah! I know SG is very safe but please lah, we need to be responsible for OUR OWN safety too!

Review: JERGENS Moisturisers

2 Mar

I have been thinking of getting a good moisturizer for a long time because my skin has been so dry!

Seeing is believing! Here’s a close up shot of my leg:
Can you see all the fine lines..!? :(

Well, that’s a good example of skin that has been neglected for the past 32 years.. Opps! Come to think of it, I  I never really take care of it at all! >.<

But there are so many moisturisers in the market right now.. Which one should I choose??

Perhaps it’s the Laws of Attraction.. Shortly afterwards, I got to know that SampleStore seeking reviewers for the JERGENS moisturizers!

I remember that my female friends had highly recommended Jergens’ moisturizers to me previously.. Besides, Jergens is the number 1 brand for body lotion in USA! So needless to say, I immediately volunteered myself for the review!

Finally my package arrived! Got a pleasant surprise when I opened it up..

Thank you SampleStore and Jergens!!

Exploring the products.. Woohoo!!
Did I mention that I love to to explore, try and read up on the details of beauty-related products? Haha!


Hmm.. No obvious difference in their appearances. The Soothing Aloe looks slightly greenish while the other two look identical.


Each of them has their own unique scent. Generally, all their scents are pleasant, soothing and not overpowering at all.


Had a tough time deciding which one to try first.. Knowledge is power! *Went to do some online research!*


Jergens Ultra Healing Moisturiser helps you reveal deeply luminous, visibly healthier skin. This unique formula contains an illuminating HYDRALUCENCE blend as well as enriching Vitamins C, E and B5. Penetrates through 5 layers of the skin’s surface to repair, heal and deeply nourish extra dry skin.

Jergens Daily Moisture Moisturiser helps you reveal deeply luminous, visibly smoother skin. This unique formula contains an illuminating HYDRALUCENCE blend as well as Silk Proteins and Citrus Extracts. Provides a continuous multi-layer of moisture to smooth dry, rough skin.

Jergens Soothing Aloe Moisturiser helps you achieve deeply luminous, visibly more refreshed skin. This unique, fast-absorbing formula contains an illuminating HYDRALUCENCE blend as well as cucumber extract and pure aloe vera. Soothes dry skin. Revives skin’s natural moisture factor for visibly refreshed-looking skin.

Wow, all 3 sound so good!! I thought they are only good for moisturising the skin.. But apparently, the new Jergens range of products can help us to achieve long lasting luminous skin too!

At least that’s what was stated: The range has been reformulated with a breakthrough Hydralucence blend that provides hydrated, luminous skin that lasts all day!

Really?? I sure hope so! Let’s try!!

After re-reading through the info repeatedly and pondering for a long time.. (Typical Libra!) Finally I decided to tried the Ultra Healing Moisturiser first since I think my skin is very dry!

Disclaimer: Not trying to play cheat here.. In order to see the effects, I waited for a few minutes for it to be fully absorbed into the skin.. But afterwards, I couldn’t get back the same brightness in the photos! Argh! Also, I definitely didn’t edit the color or use app to make the “After” photo appear smoother.

Although I only dabbed a bit of it, it felt pretty rich and slightly greasy. (Which kinda worried me for a while!) After a few minutes, the lotion had been fully absorbed.. And tada! Skin was smoother and softer skin with lingering soothing scent! No more dry, wrinkled and dull complexion! Whoa!

I would recommend this for anyone who is going to a cold country or use on areas where the skin is very dry.

Tried the other two moisturisers at different parts of my hands / legs.

Compared to the Ultra Healing Moisturiser, the other 2 felt lighter and less greasy. The lotions also seemed to be fully absorbed by the skin faster, as compared to the first one I tried. Just like the almost-instant effect that I got from the Ultra Healing Moisturiser, my skin became softer, smoother, more hydrated and luminous after application~♥

I would recommend these two for MYSELF! Heehee! Or anyone living in warm countries like Singapore.

Another pleasant and unexpected surprise I got was: The effects were actually quite long lasting!

From my previous experiences (not with Jergens), the effects usually wore off after a few hours. I would have to reapply again.. So troublesome! Which explains why I stopped using moisturisers after a while. (Lazy me, I know!)

But guess what! After applying the moisturisers the night before, I woke up the next day.. Washed up, washed my hands, arms and legs and guess what! They were still smooth, soft, hydrated and luminous! Wow!! ♥

Why I’m Gonna Keep Using Them

Because they make my life so much easier! No need to keep reapplying the moisturiser several times a day!! And I won’t need to use photo editing apps or pore minimising cosmetics to make my complexion appear smoother, softer and brighter! Haha!

About the Products

Packaging: Available in 400ml bottle packs NOW!

Where to get them: Leading supermarkets, western pharmacies and personal care stores

Cost: SGD 8.90 each (Wow, for such a big bottle? Cheaper than I expected!)

Try it and experience soft, smooth, hydrated and radiant skin like me too! ;)

(Well, my friends can feel free to approach me to try the goodness before they decide whether to buy.. Heehee! Good lobangs must share!)


20 Aug

Lying in my bed.. In my room now. Yes, I have my own room now! After 31 years and 11 months! It’s been a few days and I’m still feeling so happy and grateful! :)

Gonna be on leave tomorrow (or should I say later since it’s past midnight?) so I’m not sleeping yet.. Even though my eyes are feeling so tired right now, I’m feeling so excited to be in my own room! Woohoo! I haven’t done this much packing for ages! (Which explains why I haven’t been blogging lately. Heh!)

Some quick photos of my lovely room.. Or rather, what I’ve been doing in my room~♡ (Already posted in my Instagram.)

Came home and my old sleeping area was empty!

And then I saw this! ♡
To most of you, this room may be nothing.. But to me, this room is really awesome! My private space at last! #知足长乐 :)

Cookie seems to love my new room too!
Tada! My aromatherapy stuff~
Never had the chance to use this for the past few years.. Thankfully, they are all intact! (Although my pink candles become beige already.. >.<)

Excitedly wanted to start using and then I realised.. No tea light candles and lighter! Went out to buy tea light candles and lighter.. Woohoo!

Beautiful sight, soothing scent~♡

The other day, Steffi came to visit my room and I introduced her to..

..Sweetie! ♡
Haven’t been displaying her or playing with her since I didn’t have much space previously.. Of course, this is going to CHANGE now. :)

And I can do my exercises and stretching daily!

My sexy legs.. LOL!
(Actually I never do a lot lah.. #ActionActionOnly)

That’s all for today. Room is still very messy actually! Will show more parts as the days go by! Heehee!

Shall write letters to my sponsored children before I go to sleep! Good night and sweet dreams! ;)

Mental Wellness!

24 Apr

Always enjoy sessions with Alex (short for Alexandra).. Not just saying this because she’s my colleague, she is really awesome! She’s got to be the most zen person I’ve ever encountered! She also has beautifully toned figure (envious max)! Back to mental wellness, she is so good in handling emotions and making people feel good! Personally I find her quite inspiring!

I gotta admit, I used to think ALL talks / workshops are a waste of time. Only useful to use as an excuse to take a breather from endless work. Now that such talks / workshops are readily available (plus unlike in my previous jobs, I’m not the one coordinating talks now! YES!), I’ve discovered the magic of it!! ♡


Sometimes I wonder if my EQ is low because I have absolutely low tolerance level for stupid people who think they are smart. Display of such “stupirogance” (stupid + arrogance) pisses me off easily.

While Alex was going through the examples of negative emotions, I started to feel bad for allowing negative emotions to overcome me..

After all, aren’t we always advised not to get angry?


BUT surprisingly, Alex said negative emotions can be good too!

For example:

Angry = Gives us the extra push to take action, i.e. I am so angry with myself for gaining weight, hence I am determine to start exercising 3 times a week to shed off the extra pounds! Or another example, I am so angry with A for bullying me all the time so instead of putting up with her (like always), I’ll say “Stop bullying me! I am not afraid of you.”

Sad = Let us know what (or who) we don’t want to lose and hence, cherish it.

Fear = Alerts us to danger and keeps us alive.

Hmmm.. Negative emotions don’t seem that bad after all right? But of course, that doesn’t mean we can keep allowing such negative emotions to take control over us. Heehee!

Hope this benefits you like it did for me! :)

I ♡ SampleStore! :)

18 Mar

Tada! Got these for FREE!

How cool is that? Haha! No need to enter contest.. Just login and choose what you want! Totally free.. Even postage!

(Please note that some of the samples would need you to pay postage. So read carefully before checking out!)

And where did I get these from.. From SAMPLE STORE of course!
Go check it out! ^^

Nice packaging too! :D


This is irrelevant but here goes!

Today’s selfie! Wahaha!
Finally decided to trim my fringe.. Whoa, it looks better than expected! LOL!

And yes, this is how I usually look when I’m styling my fringe.. Quite cute hor? #IAmShamelessAndIKnowIt xD

Bought my new mobile phone!

10 Jan

Did my research and finally it was time to buy my new mobile phone!!

Whoa, competition among the mobile phones’ authorized dealers is stiff instead!

Shop A: Girl told me that the final price is $860. Waited and waited and waited (as she was busy serving other customers.. who weren’t even buying as ex stuff as me, btw).. Finally she said no more white color. But if I don’t mind topping up $20 for a sealed set, she still has 1 white color.

It’s not about the money. But 1stly, I don’t believe in sealed sets. (1st hand info from my bastard ex who used to sell mobile phones. They can fake packaging, seals, warrenty cards.. So don’t believe it if they tell you it’s brand new set.) 2ndly, I don’t like hassles. Obviously she’s playing games with me.

Shop B: (Cute) Guy offered me his best price.. $860. Sealed or not sealed.. Same price. Asked how much is the screen protector.. He said he will give it to me for free. Told him I want a good one, I don’t mind paying.. He said he has different types for me to choose. Asked him what if the phone is spoilt? He said he can send it for repairs so I don’t need to go down myself.

Bought the phone and left. Suddenly the girl from Shop A appeared in front of me and said she now has the white one at $860. (Ya right..)

Told her I already bought it and she started bitching about me being scammed. She kept asking me how much I paid but I insisted it’s ok since I’ve already bought it. But that didn’t stop her from analysing how I got scammed.. ._____.

Luckily I didnt buy the phone from her.. What a crazy girl.. -.-”


Anyway.. Scam then scam lah. Which authorized dealer don’t charge more? Singtel don’t charge more? Samsung don’t charge more? (Even when I worked in Samsung previously.. I still paid a high price to buy their mobile phone! Staff discount.. Still very ex eh? But it’s okay. I still love Samsung!!)

If I care about the nitty gritty stuff, I will continue to use my iphone 4s (with occasional problems) liao lah.


Back at home.. Realized that the set I got was from Malaysia! But it’s okay lah. The price and service are acceptable.. The phone can work.. I’m happy already!

My new phone!! :D
So what if the mobile phone was bought from telco shops like Singtel, M1 or Starhub? The only thing for sure is, one would DEFINITELY need to pay more.. One way or another. But does that mean the mobile phones are really brand new and/or free from problems?

My gf and my sis got their Note 3 from Singtel.. And both had problems with their new phones shortly after using!

Then I just chanced upon this article: “New” iPhone 5C bought from Singtel is USED BEFORE!

So.. Yup. I’m happy with my purchase. ;)

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