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Hi, I’m still alive! Haha!

18 Aug

Whoa! It’s been a long time since I last blogged!

Quite a few reasons for neglecting my blog..

1. Was having my exams.
2. Hp is spoilt!
3. Hooked to my chinese novels!

I gotta admit #3 is the main reason. Haha!

I love reading SO MUCH. Especially when I find a good book! ♥ And luckily for me, lately I actually found THREE books which I absolutely LOVE! Needless to say, I’ve been so happy lately! But too bad for my friends.. Opps! Either I’d be talking about the stories endlessly, or I’ll be engrossed in my reading!

Will try to resume my blogging soon! Heehee!



24 Jun

It dawns to me that in today’s era.. Nice traits = Weaknesses

It is not easy but I will try to work on these:
1. Be less kind and mind my own business. People will take it for granted.
2. Be less accommodating. People nowadays will keep pushing their luck.

Somewhat disappointed with the people I encountered these days.

I just hope not everyone are like them.

Am I Seeing Things?

2 Feb

Someone asked for my blog stats so I went to check them out.

For the month of Jan 2015.. I actually had:
Views – 643
Visitors – 322

Wow?? I’m surprised!

Well, the numbers probably cannot be comparable to many bloggers out there but seriously, I thought I’m the only one in the whole world to read my own blog. Hahaha!

Even until now, I still feel very doubtful.. Keep wondering if I misinterpreted the info?? (If I do, I am really not trying to lie about my stats to get any blogging assignments! >.<)

Here's the screenshot, by the way!
Thank you to everyone who visited my blog! I sure hope you find something positive or helpful here! :)


24 Dec

Between WordPress and Blogspot, I honestly prefer using WordPress.


The only thing is.. WordPress don’t support Nuffnang ads!!

Previously I chose my love for writing over the possibility of generating income with my blog (not that I managed to generate any in the past.. Haha!)

But after Xiaxue’s “The Big Gushcloud Expose” blog post yesterday.. Hmmm. Maybe I should try again? Seems like many companies are turning to bloggers to generate awareness for their products and services nowadays.

I will definitely still keep this blog. Maybe.. For ranting? Heehee!

Still deciding. Well, let’s see how it goes!

What’s My Excuse Now??

22 Dec

Alritey. Japan trip, exam, Batam trip are done. So there’s no more reason for me to SLACK!

To do List

1. Clear up my room!!
1a. Donate my stuff to charity.
1b. Throw, throw throw!

2. Start exercising ACTIVELY again!
2a. Find Cookie’s leash and bring her out for walks
2b. Replace my bicycle seat (it got stolen.. -.-)
2c. Start jogging again (at least once a month lah!)

3. Blog blog blog!
(Too many photos in my phone.. Ahhh…!)
HOPEFULLY I will blog about my Batam and Japan trip..
Soon, if ever at all! Heehee!

Actually there are still a lot of things I think I should do.. But let’s not be overly ambitious for now. *Laughs*


Time had been passing by so fast! And probably because of my lack of exercise (again!!) and poor control of diet (again!!), I’ve been sleeping A LOT these days! Oh perhaps I’m just plain lazy.. Heh! Seriously I really haven’t been doing much constructive stuff other than enjoying myself!

Stayed up to read a book.. Yes, an actual hardcopy book and not an e-book! Kekeke! Have already forgotten how much I LOVE TO READ! Will go and borrow another book (wait, make that bookS!) after I’ve finished reading the current one! :)

Well, it’s still considered enjoying myself but at least it’s a healthy hobby! Heehee!

Busy busy!

2 Dec

Whoa! Seems like Dec’s gonna be a busy month for me!

Tidying Up my Room

Dad’s coming home real soon (AT LAST) and I’ve finally shifted all my stuff from the living room and my mum’s room to MY ROOM! (Until now, I still love the term, “MY ROOM”.. Haha! ♥) Some progress, at last! LOL!

BUT the horrifying thing is, my room is ultra messy now! Ahhhhhhhhh…! This is the result of buying stuff (anyhow) and not doing much housekeeping for the past 6 years! >.< 我知道错了啦~~! Been throwing bags and bags of stuff, i.e expired / spoilt items.. But my room is still overflowing with stuff!!

So next phase: Giving away items (mainly clothes) that I don’t need! Seriously, there are so many clothes which I haven’t been wearing.. Some are even brand new or wore only once! Oh man!!

Gonna ask Trix if she wants some of my stuff. Hmm.. Should I also post the clothes that I wanna giveaway here or should I give them all to Red Cross straightaway?

Too ashamed to post photos of my messy room.. Maybe I’ll do so when it looks more decent. Currently it looks hideous! >.<!!!

LOL! It’s true!

Well, this is for the office but definitely applies to my current room as well! ;P


Aren’t I glad that I only took 1 unit! Which means.. Only 1 paper to take for this semester! I sure hope I can pass!!! Fingers crossed! Lost touch with exams liao lor! (Can’t believe I topped my class before lor! How did I achieve that!?)

(Well, I still have about a week so it’s not that last minute yet..? Hee! WISH ME LUCK PLEASE!)

And after my exam, a nice vacation awaits me.. I mean, us! Heh heh! So looking forward to ending the scary exam!!

Wednesday already!

5 Nov

Oh man! It’s only Wednesday and my muscle aches are gone already! Looking forward to the next Kpopx Fitness workout! Woohoo!

Used to hate muscle aches until I signed up for the 1 month membership deal at California Fitness. Well, I don’t like that gym (TOO MUCH HARD SELLING) but I somehow fell in love with muscle aches! Now I feel somewhat weird (and fat!) if I don’t have any muscle ache.. Haha!

And ya.. I seriously gotta upload the photos I’ve taken.. Photo album is flooded already!

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