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Counting down to my EXAM!! :O

11 Apr

Taking break from my (last minute) studies..

Yes, I’m currently doing this! >.<
Gotta admit I’m always like this! Argh!
Alas.. During my last paper, I told myself that I WILL REVISE REGULARLY AND NOT WAIT UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE TO STUDY! But yet.. Sigh. Kinda disappointed with myself! My mind simply refuses to study until at the last minute! Each time I started reading my notes, I felt like dozing off! (In fact, I did that quite a few times!)

Haha, this is funny.. And legit?
Okay, break time’s over! Time flies when I’m doing last minute revision!

Actually I only need 9 points to pass.. But what if I can’t even get 9 points??
Scary thought..

Gonna study a bit more and get some sleep!

Thank God, my exam is in the afternoon! Phew!


Burning Midnight Oil.

10 Dec

Took the day off to study but I gotta admit, I didn’t study much!! (Better than nothing though. And I had a good rest.. To prepare for the journey ahead!! *Rawrs!*)

Been a long while since I last studied at Mac!


Sugar overload.. I know!! >.

However, my attention span on my notes ended when I finished my ice cream. Heehee! Seriously if not for the food, I wouldn’t want to study at Mac. So noisy and my room is way more comfy. I can read aloud too.


Hanged around AMK Hub and waited for him to have dinner together~

As usual, he brought me to eat good stuff!



So bad of me to grumble and then made him eat and drink all the stuff I don’t like! Heehee! #BadGirlPris

So lucky to have him around to pamper and take care of me! :)


Later back at home..

Cookie decided to nap on my bed!! ♡


I soon dozed off too! Miss the good old days when she would snuggle into my arms. She stopped doing that since I moved into my own room. Maybe my new bed is too high for her liking?

Anyway I finally finished the 200+ mcqs that my awesome tutor had shared with us! Surprisingly, I scored better than expected! Phew! Thank God! Hope I can pass the actual mcqs section too!!

Planned to study the whole night but my head’s feeling heavy, eyes are closing and my mind’s drifting around already! Shall rest and hope to wake up early for the final “Buddha Leg Hugging” studying!

想不认老都不行啊! >.<

Goodnite everyone!

Busy day! :)

21 Aug

Or so it felt like to me! Haha!

Took leave today but I was even busier than my usual days at work! Haha! But it’s for a good reason!

Used to feel that leaves should be used for resting / having fun. I was never willing to “waste” my leave on running errands. But my mindset has totally changed. Thankfully I (finally) enjoy managing my life properly now! :)

Took an hour to get prepared! Makeup was quickly done. Took some time to style my hair.. Spent most of the time admiring my (enhanced, lol) face and changing outfits until I was finally satisfied! #OnlyVainiesWillUnderstand


Saw many Singapore flags while walking to the bank!

Couldn’t resist taking a selfie with one of the flags! ;)
I’m very patriotic okay! #ILoveSG ♥

Couldn’t help feeling a huge sense of accomplishment when I found the place! Woohoo! #thankyouGod (In case you don’t know, I’m a horrible direction idiot!)

Hello Cheque! Let’s cherish the time together while we can!
(Eh, somehow I have the habit of talking to non living things.. Please bear with me, lol!)

Didn’t know how to get to the nearest MRT. Luckily there was a bus stop nearby and guess what!! There was a direct bus to Dhoby Ghaut MRT!! Yayy! So lucky!

Always feel like the female lead of a MV when I’m sitting in the bus.. LOL! Especially when I’m listening to music!

Demure mah? ♥
Love the dreamy feel of this filter!


Time really flies! Been about 2 years since I last went to Wilkie Edge! Kaplan seems to be doing well.. Better! Good for them! :) *Feeling so nostalgic!*

Parted ways with my new “friend” Ah Cheque.. *Laughs* And also, the balance in cash / Nets (sob sob!!). Good byeee~~


FINALLY I COULD EAT!! Late lunch at Hot Tomato (Plaza Singapura)!

What a beautiful sight! ♥

20% off for main course! (But only from Monday to Friday at certain timings.) Very delicious! :)

Normally comes with pasta but I swapped it for MASH POTATOES!
Super love the mashed potatoes!! Very yummy!! ♥


By the time I finally reached home, it was almost evening already! There goes my annual leave! But well, it was put to good use. :)

Kinda excited at the thought of attending classes again!
But at the same time, it also means I can’t go overseas as often as I used to.. At least  for the next 1 year or so!

And not forgetting saying goodbye to my money..

#throwback This is how $1,500 looks like.. Lol!
..Ahh and it’s gone! Along with the cheque and more money via Nets.. I will miss you all! *Sob sob*

Haha! Oh well, I hope I won’t waste this sum of money! Hope to pass all my assignments and papers smoothly.. #GimmeMyDegreePls

*Excited!* Hope to have nice, friendly classmates and teachers!! :)

Updated Random Thoughts

9 Jun

Last week had been a tiring one for me.

Smoking. Advanced Medical Technology.

The dad was due for a surgery to remove the cancerous cells in his nose. Glad for him.. Although it’s very scary to have the nose removed, it was swollen like mad and had been giving him a lot of discomfort. (Which made him extra cranky!)

The surgery was supposed to be completed in 1 day.
Part 1: Removal of the cancerous cell (which also meant removing his nose and part of his upper lips).
Part 2: Construction of his nose and lip.

In the past, being diagnosed with cancer was as good as telling one that he is going to die. But nowadays, cancer can be easily detected early and treatment is possible during the early stages of cancer! Wow!

Visited him at the SICU (Surgical Intensive Care Unit) and saw him hooked to many machines and I still don’t know about his condition based on so much numbers that were indicated on the screens. (Only know the basic ones like pulse rate and blood pressure.) Doctors and nurses are so smart!!

He’s been a heavy smoker for at least 50 years. I guess it’s kinda expected. He’s considered quite lucky though! At least he didn’t have lung cancer! Think it would have been harder to treat!


My Little Gems

Cut down on spending time with them as previously I felt that I kinda have no life.. Haha!

Due to the dad’s condition and coincidentally, the mum was busy for the whole weekend so I spent my time with the kids. My, I’d forgotten how fast time flies when I’m with the kids. We had loads of fun.. Stay tuned for photos!

Is it just me or are the kids more obedient when they are with me now? Or perhaps I’m too used to it until my tolerance level has increased? Haha!

(But that also meant I missed out on 2 free Kpopx Fitness classes! *Sob sob*)


Degree Course

The younger sis is getting her degree cert soon so the mum had been nagging at me to complete mine soon. Told her I’m resuming my course later this year but she’s not really listening.. Is she?

In a twinkle of an eye, the next intake is coming real soon! Gotta say goodbye to another $5k+ soon.. >.<

Lost count of the times I regretted taking the degree course.. Mainly because of the money.. Haha! I could have bought so many (prolly useless) things with $20k! But yet at the same time, I know very well that I SHOULD have it. And at times, I'm actually excited to start studying again! #DilemmaOfALibra #JustDoIt and #DontLookBack

Actually I like to go to school.. Provided I have the time, money and energy! Thankfully, my current job doesn't need me to do so much OTs like I used to. And there's a straight bus to go to my school! So I'm generally quite excited at the thought of schooling again.

So this morning, I emailed my school to ask for the things needed for enrollment. It's still early but I don't care! Haha!

Hope I can pass all my modules this time!! (By right I should. Since I would have time to go for my classes and study for exams in this company!)

Wanna get my Degree!!

13 Mar

Came across this in Facebook~



Indeed! Especially in Singapore where there are so many Degree Holders!

Gotta start working hard hard HARD!!

Applied for the Workplace Health Consultant Course.. Hope I’m selected!! *Prays hard*

And after that I gonna resume my Degree!! Yes, at last! :D

Was enjoying my student’s life until I changed job to work in Cortina and it was taking up too much of my time.. Worked until 11plus to past midnight most of the time! Really had no time to attend classes.. Couldn’t even take time off to study for my exams! :(

Fighting for a better future and more enriching life!

We are never too old to learn.. Go learn something new too ya? :)

Why is it Friday tomorrow already!!

19 Apr

Sigh. Been sooo busy since last month! Rushing endless deadlines, be it from work or studies!

Like tomorrow, I’ve taken half day to study and take my exams. (LAST PAPER! For this trimester only lah!)

Had planned to do the OT calculation during this whole week. But I was so busy all the way!! Brought work home to do today.. Yea, on the eve of my exams. :(:(

Beginning to regret taking up the degree course already.. But I know I must have a degree!! And I will!! 一定要坚持到底!!

Ending this entry with this 9gag troll strip! Haha!
Good luck for my exams tomorrow!! Dear God, please let me pass all the modules please!!

Orwells.. Fuck yea.

28 Mar

(My first F-word in this blog! Because this is the best advice I’ve received lately. Read on to find out! Lol!)

These 2 weeks have been crazily hectic for me! Going to work early, ending work late.. Almost everyday! Tired max!!

Despite all the time spent, work never get cleared!
Why why! Feeling so discouraged, suffocated and trapped by the neverending stress, deadlines, unforseen (yet NOT unexpected) LAST MINUTE surprises from both work AND school!!

Thank God that my dear boss, Pat and some colleagues have been so understanding! :)

Seriously it’s taking a lot of willpower and patience for me to hold it out until now!! (Stressed until 2 pimples popped out already lor!! In my 30 years (ok, almost 30), I only had less than 10 pimples ok!!) And today was the presentation for my last assignment and it’s gotta be the most unpleasant class I ever attended in Kaplan!! Dear God, please let me pass because I really don’t like this tutor!

And I love my current job, I love my current boss even more! So I feel really upset that I had to do school projects and couldn’t do OTs at times as I had to rush off to meet my project mates! And yet, after my sacrifices and efforts, this is what I got: Disappointment. Why, God? :(

Was feeling so depressed over my project in class and then R said, “Don’t care so much. It’s over and done with, so fuck yea-!”

*Troll face*
Haha! Indeed, I should loosen up and be less strict with myself. If I can be so tolerant with others, why be so hard on myself.. Right?

Anyway, on a positive note, I CAN FINALLY PUT IN MY 100% FOCUS ON WORK TOMORROW!!

After our new outlet is finally opened, I’m so gonna pamper my poor body and mind!! My poor body is aching all over and my dark circles are so black now!!

Creaving for:

– Massage!
– Facial!
– Good food!
– Sing!
– Holiday!

Rawrs! Fuck yea! :D

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