Review: Palmer’s Skin Therapy Oil

7 Apr

Yeah! Another new product from Sample Store for me to review! ♥

So sorry for the long overdue review. Was actually halfway through with it when I received news of our dear Ah Gong’s demise. Didn’t have the mood to blog for that whole week!

Anyway, life goes on and we need to finish what we started ya? :)

Check this out!

Palmer’s Skin Therapy Oil
(Multi-Purpose Skin Perfecting Dry Oil for Face & Neck)

The Product

Tada! Palmer’s Skin Therapy Oil For Face, 30ml
The Story

Against Animal Testing! AWESOME!! ♥
YES! All of their products are cruelty free too! In addition, majority of Palmer’s products are free of *parabens and ^phthalates.

Brief Explanation (Shall not bore you with the details.. Hee!)

*Parabens = Preservatives which are used in most cosmetics in small percentage. (But of course, 0% is still the best!)

^Phthalates = Chemicals widely used in consumer products, also in small quantity. (Once again, 0% is the best!)

(These 2 compounds are harmful to the human body in large amounts!)

Plus a lot of beneficial ingredients! :)wpid-myxj_20150407131231_save.jpg

So.. What exactly does each ingredient do?

And there’s Chemical X.. *Plays Powerpuff Girls’ Theme Song*

Haha, just kidding! No Chemical X but there is..

Palmer’s exclusive Cetesomate E Complex which helps this sophisticated anti-ageing formula penetrate the epidermal layer of the skin. Cetesomate E Complex is a vital part of Palmer’s unique Rapidermal Absorption Systeme which increases the product’s efficacy, enabling it to work deeper, with better results.

Enough words! Let’s put it to the test and let the results speak for themselves! lol

The Test!

Moment of Truth.. Haha!

The dropper reminds me of the Science experiments that I used to have!
*Dab dab dab*

The Results

Actually I only wanted to apply over the line but 1 drop of the oil was more than enough for half of my face! Whoa! So I ended up applying it at the area around my nose.. and surprise! The tiny ‘holes’ (pores) there actually looked less visible and my skin generally appeared to be brighter (even a bit glowy?) and smoother too! In addition, my skin tone looked more even.. See my nose area, not so red anymore! Wow!

Of course, this is no heavenly essence.. So don’t expect to see life-changing results in just 1 application ya?

Keen to try it for yourself?

FREE Sample Redemption

Grab it at SampleStore NOW!!

But waaait..! There is a CONTEST going on now!

How to Quality??

Step 1: Purchase retail-size Palmer’s Skin Therapy Oil from Watson’s online store or any of their physical outlets

Step 2: Pose for a selfie with their retailsized Palmer’s Skin Therapy Oil

Step 3: Post on Instagram with the hashtags #Palmers #PalmersSg #PalmersSTOFace

For example..
(But nah, I’m not joining the contest. Heehee!)

It’s that easy! ;)

Contest to run from now to 25th April 2015. Winners to be announced on 30th April 2015.

20093142642 Good Luck!


Cute Stacci.. My Little Sunshine!

4 Apr

Yesterday morning, I was awakened by a cute little voice who kept calling, “Ah mai!” And the next thing I knew, she was climbing onto my bed.. Instantly woke up, gave her a bear hug and wrapped her with my blanket. She kept giggling throughout. Ahh, my favourite sound.. Kid’s laughter! ♥

Played with her for a while.. :)

And of course, she couldn’t keep still and I only had time to grab my smartphone to snap her photos.. So ya, blur photos. Better than nothing!

This morning she came over to my house again! Hahaha! Can never get tired of her! Haven’t been spending much time with the kids these days as we are all busy with our own stuff. Miss them so much!

Love my cute little 小肥肥 so much! ♥♥♥

What an adorable little girl she is! Hope she stays cheerful always! (Okay lah, I love the others too.. Haha!)

Zumba @ Jcube

3 Apr

Finally attended Jeslyn’s Zumba sessions after ‘flying her aeroplane’ so many times! Feeling so bad about it already! >.<

Thanks to Elise! Without her, I think I probably would ended up staying at home again! (As it was raining.. Ah, what a great weather for sleeping!)

Photo stole from Elise’s facebook.. Haha!
Been a long time since I last did Zumba! And I didn’t even attend many Zumba classes previously! Had some difficulty in following the moves.. But I must say, my other cardio classes (KpopX, Piloxing, BodyCombat.. etc) really helped to improve my coordination A LOT and helped me to catch the moves better!

But anyway, Zumba is such a fun workout. It doesn’t matter if we can’t follow all the steps. Don’t need to think whether we are doing it correctly.. Just groove~~                                                          tuzki-bunny-emoticon-022 tuzki-bunny-emoticon-025 tuzki-bunny-emoticon-029
And of course, the instructors, participants are so enthusiastic and engaging.. Always cheering every now and then! Which makes it so easy for us newcomers to blend in and feel motivated as well! The positive vibes are too contagious!! ♥

Well, my post could have ended here.. But the session didn’t just happen the way I expected. *Laughs*

Halfway through, Jeslyn suddenly called out some names and invited them up the stage. Names were called and these participants happily ran towards the stage.. Wah seh! Machiam tio 1st prize of a lucky draw..?? Haha!

But suddenly I had an ominous feeling: What if she calls ME?

Instinctively I hid behind Elise, hoping that Jeslyn wouldn’t spot me but SHE DID. And unsurprisingly, she called my name. Oh man.. #MySixthSenseIsAlwaysAccurate

I shook my hand and head violently. But nah, she wasn’t letting me off so easily. And people started to turn back and look at me. (I was standing right at the back.) Oh my gosh!! And she cunningly announced, “We will not resume until Priscilla comes on stage.”

AddEmoticons04239 Wah lau.. Win liao lor! Like that then I can don’t go up meh..?! So bobian lah, I had to run up to the stage, fearing that I may waste everyone’s time further!

Thank god, I didn’t have any stage fright. I felt totally at ease, in fact! Wow, I don’t know why. Perhaps because there were about 10 people on stage bah? Thought I only had to be up there for 1 song.. Ended up doing 3 songs! Diaoz! And I almost died when we had to do the special version of the push-ups – Star Jump style! What!? I sux in doing push-ups! But of course, die die also must do it well lah.. Since I was on stage! Muahaha!

How others looked like:


How I probably looked like:


Haha! But overall.. Okay lah, I think my performance wasn’t that bad.. Anyway I doubt people notice me much. Haha! And I actually find it fun, since I survived it without much damage to my ego! LOL! But seriously, those on stage were really super into it and their enthusiasm was very contagious indeed! Really helps to boost one’s confidence! (But better don’t let Jeslyn know, in case she calls me up to the stage for EVERY sessions! Hahaha!)

Our cool down song was this..

Elise was asking if this is a tribute song for Ah Gong. Not sure.. Perhaps? It’s a nice song.

And this (cute) guy beside me was singing along to it while following the actions with a lot of expressions on his face. Aww, so cute! (Anyway he’s sooo into Zumba. Noticed him right from the start because he was dancing with such vigor and passion. Nice moves.. And figure. Muahaha!) Totally my type! Haha! And there was a part where we ALL had to hold hands.. Heehee! So glad to be standing beside him.. HAHAHA! #CheapThrill But he was with 2 cute girls so I didn’t shamelessly ask him for his number. LOL!

Should I go there again next week? Muahaha!

He’s really gone.

29 Mar

It has been a long, long week for Singaporeans. Be it people who love or hate him.

People who love him.. Trying to accept the fact that he’s truly gone. And there are also those who have been taking him for granted before his demise suddenly ‘woke’ them up. Or people who didn’t like some of his policies but still appreciate his efforts and other achievements made for Singapore.

People who hate him.. I guess it’s been tough on them as well, with the TV, radio, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram (basically, EVERYWHERE) constantly talking about Lee Kuan Yew. And whenever they share any nasty article or comment anything bad, they’ll be attacked by grieving LKY supporters.. Or simply logical people with good upbringing who doesn’t believe in badmouthing people who just passed away. :)

Others.. Well, I guess that will be the attention seeking whores. (Sorry for the crude term but yeah, I really despise such people.) Making use of this to generate some attention seeking wrath provoking materials to draw attentions. People like Amos. Hey, come on. We are all Singaporeans. Why must some Singaporeans sow discord among our own people just to satisfy their own sick desire for fame.. Sigh.

But nonetheless, let’s focus on the positive aspects. :)

It’s been a long while since I saw my fellow Singaporeans being so united! Only YEW can make this possible. Would I see such sight again? Not placing too hopes on it but I would love to see it again and again and again.. Of course, hopefully I won’t see that only when someone important dies.. =\

I always thought he is an extremely stern man. I even thought before, if he is this strict with us.. He should be stricter and extremely controlling towards his family. Surprisingly.. After his death, a lot of evidence showed me otherwise; i.e. testimonials from his family and people who worked with them before. And of course, some of the stuff which he said before in his past interviews. (Kudos to those who had the patience to pick out the significant ones and even edited them together with matching photos! Thank you!)

Contrary to my perception, he was a family man who values human relationships.

And another surprise: He was actually a very sweet and devoted lover!

Hence, it is very comforting to think that he is finally blissfully united with his beloved one once again.. (I sure hope that is the case!)

Thank you to the various artists who create such wonderful images that are so comforting.. And all of your works are absolutely beautiful! :)

Source: Joanna Tang
Source: Evacomics
Source: Lee Kow Fong
Have a good rest, Ah Gong! Hope you are not constantly worrying for Singapore anymore! We’ll take care of ourselves. Thank you for devoting your whole life to Singapore and all of us! :)

Paying My Last Respect..

26 Mar

Ah Gong.. Critically Ill.

Been on an emotional roller coaster ride since Mr Lee Kuan Yew (affectionately referred to as Ah Gong Lee) was reported to be critically ill.

Always admire and respect Ah Gong but still, I was kinda surprised that I was so affected. I actually cried every night.

Ah Gong Left..

And although I was convinced that it would be better for him to go.. My heart still sank when I read about reports of his demise. Needless to say, tears flowed (more) from that night onwards.

Paying Last Respect

Normally I’m always doing things at the last minute.. Doing projects, studying for exams, submitting application. And honestly, I have a bad habit of being late. (Trying HARD to change it!)

And yet I specially took leave to see Ah Gong on Thursday. (Even though we had until Saturday, 8pm to see him.)

Because I didn’t want to take the SLIGHTEST risk of not being able to pay my respect to Ah Gong for the last time! Fortunately Elaine wanted to go too so we went together! Too bad Lynn was overseas, else she could have join us too.

Had this nail art since CNY..
Removed them to show my respect for Ah Gong. :)

Had a full awesome lunch with Elaine before we went to queue!
(It’s a good thing we ate so much because we queued until past dinner time!)

Kind people were giving out bottled water..
Canned orange juice..
..And also Fans, umbrellas, biscuits and more bottled waters.

I didn’t take more than what I needed. And I hope the others would do that too.

Along the way, I noticed that there were many temporary toilets available.
And of course, first aid post!
Honestly I was pleasantly surprised that so many people bothered to queue for hours to pay their last respects to Ah Gong! I always thought many people don’t like him since I’ve came across so many nasty remarks about him since long, long time ago.

(More) People..
(A lof of) People..
Can’t see? Oh wait, here’s a close up shot. :)
So many people!

Amazingly, everyone was patient and all of us queued properly!

But there are always exceptions..

Like this pair of father & son!
Shame shame! :(

Shall not waste my time talking about them.

Here are some interesting people who caught my attention in a good way!

Wah.. Sweated until his whole shirt was drenched!
After a few hours later, I suddenly some people talking behind me..
A: Hey, his shirt is dry liao!
B: Haha! Really leh!

I also went to kaypoh.. Haha, really wor!
Poor lady with heels..
Must had rushed straight here after work!
Didn’t want to wear slippers or heels. Ended up wearing my new sneakers.. But urgh, they started to cut my feet after a few hours!  Sob sob! But for Ah Gong, I will persist!!

Really warms my heart to see us Singaporeans united! Ah Gong, can you see how much we love you? :)

Passed by this huge screen while queuing..

Ah Gong is everywhere..
Not just on the screens (for now).. Ah Gong is everywhere in Singapore, in all of us. Whether we are aware or not. Whether we believe it or not. If not for Ah Gong, I won’t have such thoughts, such abilities (bilingual for example), such living / working environment.. And the list goes on. Especially when I read about terrible stories of other females in other countries like India, Vietnam.. And as a female, I feel so lucky to be born in Singapore.

Queued until it was getting darker..

Previously I had been wondering if my tears were caused by “skilfully crafted” news articles and video clips by “despicable” media who purposely want to provoke our tear glands. Passed by TVs with more video clips of Ah Gong  or live telecast of what was happening in the Parliament House.

Hmm. Still feeling okay. So maybe I won’t cry later?
Messages specially written for Ah Gong..

My message: Many years ago, a Taiwanese taxi driver said, “Our Taiwan is big and we have natural resources. What is special about Singapore? What do you all have?” I didn’t know what to say back then. But I know now.. Singapore has LKY!

Recently when I went to Taiwan again, the locals (especially taxi drivers) actually mentioned LKY to me first and said we are so lucky to have LKY. I wish all my fellow Singaporeans can feel that way too.. =\

Saw a reporter at work while queuing..
Just before entering the Parliament House..

Eh.. Seriously? -.-
Ah Gong, here we come!
So many umbrellas!
No photography beyond this point.
We had been walking quite fast.. But upon nearing his casket, all of us automatically started to slow down our pace A LOT.. Barely moving. And the next thing I knew, I was suddenly hit with an overwhelming wave of sadness in my heart and tears started to well up in my eyes!

After leaving the place, Elaine echoed the thoughts I had (amazingly): “Slowed down my steps just now. It’s like I wanted to stay with him as long as I can.” Me too..Strangely though, my heart feels lighter now. Wow!

Didn’t say my goodbye. My mind went blank while I was fighting back my tears. But oh well, we will still meet again.. in 50 years, maybe? Enough time for Ah Gong to build a 1st underWorld nation for me to be his citizen again!

RIP Ah Gong.

Wow! Miracle happened!

21 Mar

Since there was only ONE winner, I didn’t expect to win at all. I’m the sort who is often unlucky with lucky draws. Most of the times, even if there are 100 winners, I still won’t get any prize. Haha!

Nonetheless, I decided to try without thinking much..
Got a pleasant surprise when I received a notification that AList SG replied to my comment! Could it be..!?

Went to check and sure enough.. I WON!!! ♥

Late Night Panic Attack (AGAIN)

17 Mar

Why must it always happen at this kind of timing!

My current mood: VERY Anxious!


Despite the drowsy med I took, my anxiety is making me so alert and unable to sleep!

And why do I have to be sick just 1 week before my assignment is due! Same thing happened for my previous project too! :O

Actually I had wrote down enough points (since MONTHS AGO) to easily write double of the words limit.. And yet until now I couldn’t form any sentence! I roughly know how the essay flows but yet I simply can’t start! Forced myself to write for the past 3 days and the results.. Still blocked.

My creative juices are conditioned to work only at the very last minute! Jeez.. Either they are stubbon or they have a evil sense of humour!

How did I manage to relax and wait until the last minute to do my assignments hroughout my academic life previously?? Wow.. What was I thinking? Too confident with my writing skills!?

Well, actually I am was. My essays used to top the level most of the times, be it English, Mandarin and Literature. Kinda took my gift for granted. Sigh.

2.5k words? Piece of cake. I could easily finish the first draft within half hour and spend the next hour to perfect it to my satisfaction.

But eh.. Now? I seem to suffer a writer’s block permanently. On top of that, being sick at this time is not helpful at all..

Shall keep chanting “complete assignment” now! Hopefully my brains will be hynoptized to let the creative juices flow or.. Lure me to sleep!

Wish me luck! *Gulps!*

Although I still have 4 days, I am still anxious!

Please let me write SOMETHING tomorrow.. Please, brains.. Don’t play this kind of prank on me liao..

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