Review: Palmer’s Skin Therapy Oil

7 Apr

Yeah! Another new product from Sample Store for me to review! ♥

So sorry for the long overdue review. Was actually halfway through with it when I received news of our dear Ah Gong’s demise. Didn’t have the mood to blog for that whole week!

Anyway, life goes on and we need to finish what we started ya? :)

Check this out!

Palmer’s Skin Therapy Oil
(Multi-Purpose Skin Perfecting Dry Oil for Face & Neck)

The Product

Tada! Palmer’s Skin Therapy Oil For Face, 30ml
The Story

Against Animal Testing! AWESOME!! ♥
YES! All of their products are cruelty free too! In addition, majority of Palmer’s products are free of *parabens and ^phthalates.

Brief Explanation (Shall not bore you with the details.. Hee!)

*Parabens = Preservatives which are used in most cosmetics in small percentage. (But of course, 0% is still the best!)

^Phthalates = Chemicals widely used in consumer products, also in small quantity. (Once again, 0% is the best!)

(These 2 compounds are harmful to the human body in large amounts!)

Plus a lot of beneficial ingredients! :)wpid-myxj_20150407131231_save.jpg

So.. What exactly does each ingredient do?

And there’s Chemical X.. *Plays Powerpuff Girls’ Theme Song*

Haha, just kidding! No Chemical X but there is..

Palmer’s exclusive Cetesomate E Complex which helps this sophisticated anti-ageing formula penetrate the epidermal layer of the skin. Cetesomate E Complex is a vital part of Palmer’s unique Rapidermal Absorption Systeme which increases the product’s efficacy, enabling it to work deeper, with better results.

Enough words! Let’s put it to the test and let the results speak for themselves! lol

The Test!

Moment of Truth.. Haha!

The dropper reminds me of the Science experiments that I used to have!
*Dab dab dab*

The Results

Actually I only wanted to apply over the line but 1 drop of the oil was more than enough for half of my face! Whoa! So I ended up applying it at the area around my nose.. and surprise! The tiny ‘holes’ (pores) there actually looked less visible and my skin generally appeared to be brighter (even a bit glowy?) and smoother too! In addition, my skin tone looked more even.. See my nose area, not so red anymore! Wow!

Of course, this is no heavenly essence.. So don’t expect to see life-changing results in just 1 application ya?

Keen to try it for yourself?

FREE Sample Redemption

Grab it at SampleStore NOW!!

But waaait..! There is a CONTEST going on now!

How to Quality??

Step 1: Purchase retail-size Palmer’s Skin Therapy Oil from Watson’s online store or any of their physical outlets

Step 2: Pose for a selfie with their retailsized Palmer’s Skin Therapy Oil

Step 3: Post on Instagram with the hashtags #Palmers #PalmersSg #PalmersSTOFace

For example..
(But nah, I’m not joining the contest. Heehee!)

It’s that easy! ;)

Contest to run from now to 25th April 2015. Winners to be announced on 30th April 2015.

20093142642 Good Luck!


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