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26 Jun

When the time is right, my gift will appear. :)


He’s really gone.

29 Mar

It has been a long, long week for Singaporeans. Be it people who love or hate him.

People who love him.. Trying to accept the fact that he’s truly gone. And there are also those who have been taking him for granted before his demise suddenly ‘woke’ them up. Or people who didn’t like some of his policies but still appreciate his efforts and other achievements made for Singapore.

People who hate him.. I guess it’s been tough on them as well, with the TV, radio, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram (basically, EVERYWHERE) constantly talking about Lee Kuan Yew. And whenever they share any nasty article or comment anything bad, they’ll be attacked by grieving LKY supporters.. Or simply logical people with good upbringing who doesn’t believe in badmouthing people who just passed away. :)

Others.. Well, I guess that will be the attention seeking whores. (Sorry for the crude term but yeah, I really despise such people.) Making use of this to generate some attention seeking wrath provoking materials to draw attentions. People like Amos. Hey, come on. We are all Singaporeans. Why must some Singaporeans sow discord among our own people just to satisfy their own sick desire for fame.. Sigh.

But nonetheless, let’s focus on the positive aspects. :)

It’s been a long while since I saw my fellow Singaporeans being so united! Only YEW can make this possible. Would I see such sight again? Not placing too hopes on it but I would love to see it again and again and again.. Of course, hopefully I won’t see that only when someone important dies.. =\

I always thought he is an extremely stern man. I even thought before, if he is this strict with us.. He should be stricter and extremely controlling towards his family. Surprisingly.. After his death, a lot of evidence showed me otherwise; i.e. testimonials from his family and people who worked with them before. And of course, some of the stuff which he said before in his past interviews. (Kudos to those who had the patience to pick out the significant ones and even edited them together with matching photos! Thank you!)

Contrary to my perception, he was a family man who values human relationships.

And another surprise: He was actually a very sweet and devoted lover!

Hence, it is very comforting to think that he is finally blissfully united with his beloved one once again.. (I sure hope that is the case!)

Thank you to the various artists who create such wonderful images that are so comforting.. And all of your works are absolutely beautiful! :)

Source: Joanna Tang
Source: Evacomics
Source: Lee Kow Fong
Have a good rest, Ah Gong! Hope you are not constantly worrying for Singapore anymore! We’ll take care of ourselves. Thank you for devoting your whole life to Singapore and all of us! :)

“..Please mind the Platform Gap.”

12 Mar

This announcement should be extremely familiar to most of us.. Or so I thought.

I don’t know for others but I myself have been hearing it for at least a million times over the past 20+ years until it has become a COMMON SENSE to me. (In fact it’s so deeply embedded in my mind that I can even replay the exact announcement in my mind!)

And yet.. “Leg of JC Student Stuck in Platform Gap”

I don’t want to comment further on the school girl involved except.. Well, at least she was honest and brave enough to admit that no one push her.

Lesson to be learnt:
Let’s all be responsible for our own safety (especially if you are not a small kid). And if you are with small kids, please mind the platform gap and ensure that their little feet doesn’t fall into the gap.

Whenever I’m with a kid, I always make it a point to hold her/ his hand and keep a close watch on her / him whenever we board the train.

The only person I know personally who stepped her foot into the gap was Stacci who was only 3 years old. I had followed my usual safety protocol (lol), which was why I was able to pull her to safety IMMEDIATELY once I saw her foot slipping into the gap. Still gave me a heart attack, nonetheless! After which, I told her, “Ah mei ah, you must see carefully or else you will fall in! Must remember okay! Don’t scare ah mai again next time okay!”

Accidents happen when we least expect it.. So for those that are AVOIDABLE, let’s try to avoid lah! I know SG is very safe but please lah, we need to be responsible for OUR OWN safety too!

My Little Heaven on Earth! :)

8 Feb

Sorry my dear lovely room, I am not referring to you. xD

Found my little heaven on earth and it was here that it dawned to me:
Happiness is all about our state of mind.

It’s not about material stuff or even other people. It’s really how they make us feel.

I love a lot of material (and expensive) stuff. *Laughs* They do make me happy each time I admire them! Same goes for my cute nieces and nephews! As well as many other things.

I guess it’s different for everyone.

For some, things that make them happy could be:
– Success in Career
– Money in their Bank Accounts
– Investments (especially those that are making profits!)

Or it could be simple things that we see in our everyday lives that are so obtainable.. Like YUMMY FOOD! Haha! (That does make me happy too.. Keke!)


Back to my little heaven on earth..♥

Unfortunately, WordPress doesn’t allow me to post video here so I made a gif from the video instead.

Here’s the link of the video (with music):
I realised that every time I am sitting somewhere among #nature quietly.. #TimeFlies really quickly. ⌚ I feel no urge to use my smartphone.. Except to capture the memories just so that I can recapture them later. (But nothing beats the real thing!)

Whenever I am there, I feel so peaceful and yes, happy! Totally amazing! And it just dawned to me that I was closing my eyes to fully enjoy the experience of just being there. #SimpleBliss

#ThoughtOfTheDay So what makes you happy? :)

Goodbye memories..

28 Jan

Well, I ended up keeping these stuff until now.

Some of the items, for eg the box, was given to me 10+ years ago.

Wow, I know. >.<


Somehow WordPress went crazy and the rest of the stuff I wrote went missing. Oh well. I’ve already ranted so there’s no need for me to retype and relive those bitter moments again.

The past is over. And I hope they enjoy their happy moments while they can (or are they even happy now?).. Because Karma will eventually ask them to repay their debts.

I just gotta move on, let go of the past and be happy. :)


Sometimes people are silly. Like me. They choose to keep items that remind them of the sad past. They hold on to the sad past.

For what?

Just let it go.

For a while, we will still remember the sad past even without reminders. But eventually.. We will forget, move on and be happy again.

Why let ourselves be reminded of something unpleasant? Why stay bitter and miss out on all the happy moments that we could be having?

Are there anything that’s stopping you from smiling again? Dump them for good! :)

Using the Internet Responsibly: Commenting Online

14 Jan

Hi all! I’m back from Taiwan! Miao Li is such a wonderful place! (Yes, I haven’t even finish blogging about my Batam trip!! Will do so before CNY, I hope!)

Just a quick sharing on my interesting encounter online recently~

Because of Kit Chan, I went to Youtube to watch videos on 我是歌手3 (I Am A Singer 3).

I must admit that part of me was curious to see the responses. *Troll alert* Opps! For that, I’m sorry but.. Nonetheless, I decided to comment something which I would have normally just keep it in my mind. It’s seriously quite mild. No vulgarities (lol!), no malicious insult.. (Just wondered why the screenshot showed this singer but when I clicked on the video, it showed another China singer instead. Especially since it’s uploaded by the official organization.. Should have corrected this right?)

Disclaimer: I rarely post negative comments to annoy people. (Although I didn’t think the one I did for experiment was that bad.)

Interestingly I got quite a lot of scoldings and ‘suanings’ (aka sarcastic remarks). But they are mostly in Mandarin so I didn’t really take the time to read everything.

One of the things that amused me was that some of them seemed more angry because I wrote the comment in English. Another one said something like I was pretentious and want to show off my English..?? Because according to one of them, people who really knows English do not watch Mandarin videos. Eh okay.. Haha! That’s interesting to hear.. I mean, read.

Anyway, to look on the positive side, it’s nice to see people standing up for their fellow countrymen. Unity is strength! :)

(But that’s also prolly why Kit Chan was the first to be out even though I think her performance was great. Nevermind, I still love her! ♥)

Nonetheless, I learnt some interesting lessons from this incident:

1. Remarks that seem harmless to you may be offensive to others.
2. Angry people don’t talk sense at times so don’t take it to heart.
3. Others’ words can’t hurt you if you don’t accept them.
4. There’s no need to argue or have the last word.
5. Lashing out at others does not resolve the problems / make others understand their mistakes. (Actually all they need to do is to calmly point out my mistake and I’ll gladly say, “Oh I see. You are right and I am sorry for my previous comment.”)

Thanks for the lessons learnt and I’m sorry if any of them feel extremely agitated for my (experimental) comment.

(Thank God I’m not a celebrity.. Can’t imagine how much emotional stress celebrities had to endure when they unknowingly offend the public. Let’s be kinder to them!)




Seriously I wonder if people nowadays are getting increasingly abusive verbally nowadays?

Verbal abuse is no better than physical abuse. How many people have committed suicide or thought of doing so because they had been verbally abused constantly?

Technology is supposed to make our lives better.. But sadly, many people abused this “power”. They hide behind their computer (or smartphones) and hurl insults to people online. People they don’t even know.

I think about this whenever I want to post a comment online or blog: What do I want to do with this “power”? To change people’s lives for the better.. Or worse?

But well, I’m still human (a sensitive one, in fact!) so sometimes I do write stuff online to rant out my frustrations.. >.<


Suggestions for everyone (and MYSELF!)..

If you feel like writing something negative about someone, please think first:

1. Is it constructive?
2. Does it help the person to improve?
3. Do you sound angry and irrational?
4. Is there a better way to convey your thoughts?
5. Should you go ahead and post your comments?

If you come across some nasty comments about you..

1. Reflect on your words / actions which trigger the response.
2. Ask yourself: Is there anything I can learn from the words? Or are those just plain, worthless insulting words?
3. Don’t take it negatively. (And just ignore the useless hate comments.)
4. Leave the webpage or delete the comments if you can’t stop yourself from getting upset.

Hope whoever reads this benefit as much as I do!

Have a nice day and..
Because Love makes the world go world! ♥ (Powerpuff Girls say so!)

Growing Up.. Spending Habits.

28 Nov

Kinda weird for a 32 year old lady like me to talk about growing up since I should be considered as grown up already. But the truth is, I still feel like I’m growing up and learning new things constantly. ;)

One of my most noticeable changes is definitely in my spending habits. Used to spend money on cute / pretty and useless stuff. Well, now I spend money on cute and useful stuff. LOL!

For example, these!

Pretty hot water bag!
So glad that I bought it because it has proved to be so useful during the rainy season now! It has also become my best ‘buddy’ on cold days / nights! In addition, my tummy was feeling a bit of discomfort due to menses and this felt oh-so-shiok against my tummy!

Raincoat.. PINK POLKA DOTS!! ♥

So heartache though! Bought it at $10 and then it’s selling at a sale price of $5.90!! Okay lah, it’s only a few dollars but still heartache lah! #AuntiePris

Bought it to prepare for my upcoming Taiwan trip in January 2015 but once again, it came in handy lately since it’s the rainy season now! Feels so strange (in a fun way) to have raindrops falling down on me and yet I remained dry! Hahaha! Not much people use raincoat in Singapore nowadays but many Japaneses use raincoats! And it’s really convenient because both of my hands can be free to take things! :)

Haven’t buy yet but.. These pots and pans are super cute!!!
I sure hope I can buy them when I get my own house! Hope they last long though! Don’t know if I would bear to use them though! Haha!

Ever since I had my own (small) room, my latest shopping craze is in STORAGE BOXES! And perhaps, DIY cabinets? And hopefully some wall decals and decorative items AFTER my room has lesser stuff. (Can hardly wait for the huge television AND cabinet to be taken out to the living room.. Woohoo! In 1 to 2 weeks’ time! Yeah! More space in my room! ♥♥♥)

And oh! I just bought this! LightMates LED Sensor Light!

Can hardly wait for them to reach me soon! Saves me a lot of hassles of going to and fro just to switch on the lights at night! :D


But of course, I try to shop or waste money (A LOT) lesser than I used to. With my dad’s health deteriorating, it’s time for us to pay for the household expenses already.. And I really, really need to start saving up so that when I’m old and sickly in future, I would have a sum of money to seek treatment and live on!

Sigh, I’m so tempted to buy this diamond ring but I really shouldn’t splurge on such thing. Especially at such a time. If only my old diamond ring will be returned to me~~~ Will a miracle happen? I miss having a blingbling on my finger..

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